Thanks to you, I’m much obliged…

…for such a pleasant stay.

When one prepares to retire from the Fedora Project Leader position, there are two places in which to look for inspiration in writing their “departure advisory”:

  • Past notices of intentions to retire, such as those of my lovely predecessors Max Spevack and Paul Frields
  • Led Zeppelin lyrics

And thus, this blog post will draw a bit from both of those — but I will look to Page/Plant to kick it off:

“And to our health we drank a thousand times… it’s time to ramble on.”

(Note: A thousand times may be an inaccurate estimate.)

I’ve been in the Fedora Project Leader role for a bit over two years now, and was the program manager for Fedora for nearly a year and a half before that; needless to say, Fedora has been my full time and lots of my other time job for a long time now. Being in this role certainly is humbling and daunting at times, and amazingly gratifying at others, but it has also afforded me an almost overwhelming opportunity to learn about anything and everything going on in open source outside the Fedora universe, with the hopes of bringing those people, projects, and ideas into our folds. Some of it is incredibly interesting, and some of it brings incredibly creative thinking into solving problems that we face in the technology space today — and, like those before me, it has also led me inevitably into exploring new opportunities.

With Fedora 20 well behind us, and on the road ahead, it seems like a natural time to step aside and let new leadership take the reins. Frankly, I shouldn’t even say “the road ahead” since we’re well-entrenched in the process of establishing the features and processes, and it’s a rather busy time for us all in Fedora-land — but this is precisely why make the transition into new leadership as smooth as possible for the Fedora Project community is so important.  It’s a good time for change, and fresh ideas and leadership will be an asset to the community as we go forward, but I also want to make sure it’s not going to distract us from all the very important things we have in the works.

I’ve informed the Fedora Project Board already of my intentions, and my friends, Red Hat management and family are all aware and supportive of my decision to move onwards. Red Hat engineering and management, as the employer of the FPL, will obviously be involved in the transition process, and the Fedora Board will continue to be advised and consulted during the process as well. While what it is *exactly* that I’m doing next is still to-be-determined, I will be sticking around to help with transition tasks, general FPL-edification, and generally ensure a smooth turnover into the New World, after the proverbial torch is passed.

And “after” is a key word here, of course: Today is not my last day, or anything like that. I’m just letting everyone know of my plans to, well… Ramble On.

Stay tuned for updates.

20 thoughts on “Thanks to you, I’m much obliged…

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  9. Thanks for all of your hard work, I’ve been a very happy Fedora user for some time. Thanks also for getting Ramble On stuck in my head, it’s a nice change to my mental soundtrack. I wish you the best in the future.

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