Best wishes to our friends at FUDCon: Kuala Lumpur.

It continues to delight me to see the investments in our APAC region FUDCons pay off in terms of attendance.  Much like FUDCon: Pune late last year, Kuala Lumpur’s attendance — at more than 400 registrants — is just huge, and is a testament not only to the desire to learn about free and open source software in the region, but also to the excellent planning capabilities of the local FUDCon team in Kuala Lumpur.

I’m sad that I can’t be in attendance at this event, but one of the amazing things about FUDCon is that they are truly designed to be shared with the worldwide Fedora community.  I know we are all looking forward to seeing your blog posts throughout the event and social media interactions, and I’m particularly excited by the enthusiasm I have seen for some real time projects, such as the crowd-sourced FUDCon book.  And don’t forget about the #fedora-fudcon channel on IRC – it’s not just a great place to interact with folks onsite, but those of us who are at home as well.

Christoph Wickert, awesome as always, is giving the keynote talk this morning — I am sure that he will have incredibly interesting and inspiring things to say, and I know that the wisdom of his Fedora experiences will be shared with you not just during his talk, but throughout the course of the weekend – and many others of you will do the same as well. FUDCon, in many ways, is truly about sharing – sharing our experiences, our knowledge, our future plans, and a few drinks – be they beer or tea or otherwise – and I hope that everyone makes the best of their shared time together in Kuala Lumpur.  There is a large audience present — let’s be sure to send them home with some great knowledge about free and open source software, a good feeling from a positive experience, and the invitation to come and participate in the Fedora Project if they have never done so before.

Give your hosts a round of applause.  They deserve it!

My best to everyone there.  I hope you all have a lovely time. 🙂

One thought on “Best wishes to our friends at FUDCon: Kuala Lumpur.

  1. Good luck to all of those involved in the organization of this FUDCon, but also to those attending it to show how the APAC region has matured in recent times! Proud of you all…

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