Are *you* the next Fedora Program Manager?

Many moons ago, in October 2010, I followed in the footsteps of the amazing John Poelstra (also known as Poelstra as a Service) and took a job at Red Hat as the Fedora Program Manager.

As most of you know by now… well, I have a new gig as the Fedora Project Leader, but I am still kind of toting along this job as the Program Manager for Fedora (and other projects) as well. Which means I am incredibly happy to tell everyone that there is now, officially, truly, a job opening for the Fedora Program Manager position!

So, to put this in a nutshell: The bulk of program management in Fedora-land is feeding and nurturing and publishing the schedule, wrangling features and moving them through the feature process, working with the good folks in QA and release engineering as we approach releases to get ducks in rows and do blocker meetings, release readiness meetings, and Go/No-go meetings.  There’s also an element of problem-solving, eliminating bottlenecks, and identifying and fixing broken processes.  The great thing about this position is being able to dive into problems and help people out in fixing them, and being able to do that in a variety of areas in the project. Like John, I also do some program management for other projects within Red Hat, although that was not my primary role right after joining – it was more of something to grow into, and it’s an awesome way to learn how other projects work and do things.

You can read more about the job requirements in the official job posting, but I’ll just point out that actually being part of the Fedora Project community and knowing what the heck we actually do around here is an excellent start, and you probably know more than you think you know. 🙂  Communication skills, and a dedication to openness and transparency, are also vital. And for those of you wanting to know if you have to be in a certain location, fear not: Candidates can be considered from remote locations, though you’re of course welcome to be in an office as well.

The job posting is here, and  if you think you might be interested or want to know more about the position, feel free to drop me an email at robyn at  But here is a snippet:

This person is held ultimately responsible and accountable for the Program Management side of the Fedora Project. This includes preparing and maintaining release schedules, facilitating cross-functional meetings, providing status to Red Hat, tracking and encouraging the resolution of release-blocking issues. In essence, doing whatever necessary to enable a smooth and efficient running distribution creation and release process through full engagement with the Fedora Community.

As such, this job is exceptionally public-facing and requires a high level of involvement in the Fedora Community to achieve these goals.

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