Feeling awesome because of addition!

This post, dear friends, is about one thing:

ROBYN FEELING PRETTY AWESOME, because I actually figured out how to do something.

Behold!!! Can you spot the awesome?

Yup. That’s right: The newly added, handy-sandy Trac SumFieldsPlugin has been converted into actual usage within a trac instance, and actually configured and made into queries by MOI!

Now, I know some of you are sitting there still wondering why on earth this is actually useful to anyone (while others of you are probably making grand fistpump movements and thinking of all the awesomeness this could bring).  So I’ll give you the nutshell version:

Right now, the way budget tracking works for things like Regional Support (money Ambassadors spend for events, swag, media, etc.) and for Premier Fedora Events (FUDCons and FADs) is this: People decide to spend money, we (someone with a Red Hat credit card) pay up front, or we reimburse people, sometimes before an event, sometimes after an event (or purchase, etc.)  The money spent (and thus, money leftover for the quarter or year) are tracked manually in a wiki page by the budget owner.

Unfortunately, we haven’t come up with better ways to plan out expected spending for a whole year, or to track actual expenses (for, say, an event where hotel or other expenses are incurred) directly in Trac; the receipts wind up going to the budget owner, and then they have to figure out how to aggregate everything.  It’s not efficient, and I think that with the proper mechanisms in place, that the Ambassadors and FUDCon owners and payment-makers could be more self-sufficient in terms of the tracking.

This is why the above picture is so cool: The SumFieldsPlugin allows you to do queries, and specific a field (and then column) to do Sums on.  For the above example, it is summing up spending for Q1 and Q2 of FY13, in North America (component), and only for regional spending (not fudcons). For the below example, it is showing all spending, by quarter, by region, for both Regional Support AND FUDCons.

To summarize: I am pretty jazzed about working this into an improved workflow, which a number of ambassadors are already talking about doing, which can help all of us to be less dependent on a wiki page, and even be more proactive when thinking about where spending is going for the year (for example, we could have estimated costs vs. actual costs).

Also: Thanks to a few people, of course – Spot and Nirik for doing some packaging work on a few plugins, cwickert for reviewing, to all for helping out with getting it pulled into our trac instance and for not thinking I’m c-c-c-crazzzy (outside of, you know, normal circumstances).  And to Max for grinning wildly as he reads this, right before he sends me a note telling me how totally awesome this is, I’ll just thank you ahead of time. 😀

Finally: I know it’s disappointing, but BigGiantConference is not an actual Real Event 🙂

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