Achievement Unlocked: Blog Bandwagon! (Cloudstack/Apache fun)

That’s right, kids: I’ll be writing about the same thing you have read from Everyone Else on Planet Earth in the twitterverse and blogosphere this morning and today (or, in some less savory cases, the middle of the night): Cloudstack moving to the ASL and the intent to become an Apache Incubator project.

That said, lest anyone read through this posting and feel cheated at the end, I will not be speculating about if this is an excellent move or not, what their motivations were, what the implied meaning of AWS API compatibility means as far as future announcements, or if that gives more street cred to the notion that AWS APIs are becoming the de-facto standard, or if this will force OpenStack to further evaluate their future governance structure. This is for two reasons, really: Numero Uno, at least 68.7% (this is a highly calculated number, not random, I can totally assure you) of other commentators are far more knowledgeable than I am (read that as “actual knowledge” as well as “knows facts about other future Cloud-land announcements by others”), and I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to read a rehash of the stuff you already read.  Numero Dos, I don’t have the damn time to write a bulletproof, insightful entry about all of that stuff which would give the appearance that I am actually knowledgeable and insightful, with or without just blindly rewording speculation from others.

One of the things that I’ve been doing in Fedora for the last year-ish or so, in addition to $newrole as the Fedora Project Leader, is (for lack of a better term) wrangling the Fedora Cloud SIG.  Point of disclosure: I have friends in many communities, including the three mentioned often today — OpenStack, Cloudstack, and Eucalyptus.  Fedora, in many ways, has strong ties with all three communities.  We have a number of Euca folks active within the Fedora community, even outside of the Cloud space, and their VP of Community, Greg DeKoenigsberg, used to sit in this very FPL chair that I sit in now.  Cloudstack also has a number of folks who hail from Fedora-land as well, including their community manager, David Nalley, who also currently sits on the Fedora Board.  I have learned many things from these people; enough about TEH CLOOOUUUD to be slightly dangerous, and more than I can ever relate about the power of community, and the importance of transparency, and openness, and meritocracy.

Thus, I will simply make these two points, and then get back to work:

  • Cloudstack has a LONG, loooooooooong list of customers. With production deployments. If you have seen any of their presentations at various shows, you should think back to the slide showing “Customers using this stuff,” and remember how you said to yourself, “Holy crap, those are big names,” before assuming *anything* about the state of the project. And after you’re done with that, read this blog post from GoDaddy, and think just for a moment or two about what happens if just a small number of those customers feel more compelled to participate in the community as a result of this move.
  • The community folks I know at Cloudstack don’t throw the word “community” around lightly.  They are 100% dead serious about it, and doing it right, and they have shown that commitment not just in the community where they presently are, but others as well, notably Fedora. I have full faith that they can continue to build their community in the Land of Apache, and will do so equitably, and transparently.  It may not be as flashy as others, but you’ll never wonder whether it is the Meritocracy in charge of direction, or the Corporatocracy.

Speaking of community, doing things right, and more folks related to Fedora with excellent track records: Euca rolled out their new (and improved) Contributor Agreement today.  Read up. The game is far from over, kids.

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