Saying thank-you.

It probably shouldn’t be, but sometimes it’s easy to overlook giving people thanks for helping you out.  I just wanted to give props to a few people:

  • mizmo, for helping out with a PR request for screenshots of F16. Done beautifully. Thank you.
  • spot, for packaging a handful of trac plugins for me.  And for making me laugh. 🙂
  • inode0, for taking the reins in FAmNA meetings on getting events rolling and actually making mustard. I mean progress.
  • codeblock, for putting up with me till 2am one night last week while I putzed around with enabling trac plugins and needed refreshes… numerous times.
  • spevack, for taking my phone calls for advice (and trolling.) More than I could ever count. 🙂
  • gholms, for being the steadfast, always-there helper of all things cloudy. You’re awesome.

That is all 🙂

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