Updates, Tidbits, Beefiness, and so forth

Greetings! It’s time for another occasional episode of… Random Things In Fedora Robyn Wants To Tell You About!

  • F17 Alpha has gone GOLD. Gold is the color of mustard. Mmm, the sweet taste of progress.  Per yesterday’s Go/No-Go meeting, RC4 met all of the Alpha release criteria, and we are shipping F17 Alpha on Tuesday, February 28.
  • The Alpha Release Readiness Meeting is TODAY, February 23rd.  You can read the announcement of the meeting here, but to recap: It’s a meeting that gathers many team leaders to check in on their progress/readiness for the release of F17 alpha on Tuesday, and provides them a nice forum for any cross-team logistical planning that needs to happen. We’ll be meeting at 20:00 UTC (3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific, 6am on the 24th Noriko’s time… thanks for getting up so early, Noriko!)
  • Fedora Engineering “Open House” on IRC is TODAY: Per Spot’s email to the announce list earlier this week, there will be a Fedora Engineering Open House meeting on IRC today, at 18:00 UTC.  As he graciously pointed out in his follow-up email, that time translates to 1:00pm EST. The open house will be taking place in #fedora-meeting on irc.freenode.net.  The plan for today is to briefly present some of the upcoming projects that the Fedora Engineering team will be working on, and then gather feedback, suggestions, and comments. For more information about the Fedora Engineering team, read their wiki page; to catch a preview of their plan for the upcoming fiscal year (which runs March to February, in case anyone was wondering), read their FY13 plan.

I’m super delighted at getting Alpha out ON TIME, according to schedule.  We haven’t done that since Fedora 10.  There were a ton of moving parts in this one – between /usr move stuff, a mass rebuild with GCC, and numerous other potential pitfalls, we still managed to navigate to getting things out the door on time, and I think a huge amount of credit for that belongs to folks in QA and release engineering for really thinking ahead about coordinating all of these things. Kudos, guys.

Of course, we’re not out of the woods yet, and as I’m sure you suspected, I have upcoming reminders about the schedule:

  • Feb. 28 – Alpha Release
  • Mar. 13 – Software translation deadline
  • March 20 – Beta Change Deadline, also the Features 100% complete deadline. People with features: Pay attention to that 100% percentage, and keep your feature pages up to date, please!
  • Apr 3 – Beta Release
  • Apr 23 – Final Change Deadline
  • May 8 – F17 Final Release

I’ll be frank: While we all want to relish in the glory of an on-time alpha, there is still an a-bun-dance of work to be done. Let’s continue kicking buns and see if we can repeat the progress for Beta!

One thought on “Updates, Tidbits, Beefiness, and so forth

  1. You are so pun-ny. Great to have you as the top dog. Now let’s see if you can work Miracles and get the GA out on time.

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