Problem Solvers of Fedora: Unite and Solve Problems…

(Sorry, Moz.)

I had a nice chat with inode0 last* weekend. For those of you who don’t know John, he is one of our awesome North American Ambassador mentors, a brave community credit card holder, a frequent Elections wrangler (including this cycle), the man behind community promotions such as stickers/casebadges for contributors and the more recent tee-shirt raffle, and has helped out with countless Premier Fedora Events.  And you should all thank him for his tireless efforts, his dedication to transparency in Fedora, and his ability to bring wise words at many junctures. Right now. Because he rocks.

I’ll just hang out here a minute while you do that. Seriously.

Anyhoo: In passing, we discussed the (totally awesome) Fedora multi-desktop media that we have had since F15 for distribution by Ambassadors. I know he’s also discussed this to some extent or another with Toshio and Rex, but I figured I’d give it some love and attention in the form of….

… asking someone to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!

Here’s the quick and dirty summary, kids: We have this awesome media that we hand out, and those receiving it have no idea where to easily find the checksums to verify the media (and apparently, people do ask about where this information is published). We also have this handy-dandy website, which I’ll refer to abbreviative-ly as Get Fedora, which has a link to verify your media, but appears to only cover downloaded media.  Additionally: there are questions as to whether or not these compilations are signed, should be signed, etc. by release engineering.

I seeketh a person who wants to tackle said problem.  It involves coordinating with the websites team and release engineering and possibly the design team (do we want to put a link on media sleeves about how to verify media?) and itsuptoyoutofigureoutwhoelse.

If you’re interested, stake your claim on the logistics mailing list. (HINT: You will probably want to make copious use of this mailing list to solve this problemo. It’s the awesome place for cross-team coordination of All Things Fedora.) And then get going!

“My only weakness is: a list of tasks…..” 🙂

* Note: My other only weakness, apparently, is PRESSING THE PUBLISH BUTTON on a blog post; I was sitting here thinking, Gosh, I can’t believe nobody responded to that, and LO AND BEHOLD, it’s in my drafts bucket… for the past week. Sadface. Better late than never, eh?

3 thoughts on “Problem Solvers of Fedora: Unite and Solve Problems…

  1. Let’s be really careful with this one. It was a real big fight to get get.fpo to the clean state it’s in. I don’t see why we couldn’t integrate checksums in somehow, but it needs to be done very carefully, and I would like to be at least consulted here.

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