Adventures in FPLing: The two-week mark, and what I do all day

I’m approaching the two-week mark in FPL-hood.  Now that I’m kind of over the “learn about all these new things” hump, getting through transitioning tasks, and the talk to Media People stuff, I think I’m settling in a bit more into the actual Getting Things Done part of the job. Which is pretty cool, and a nice place to be.

Although we have a nice wiki page about the FPL position itself, and what it vaguely entails, there’s not a concrete list of “what the FPL does,” and certainly FPL to date has brought their own personality to the job, and as such, has had their own list of tasks and to-dos.  Of course, there are things the FPL does that wind up being fairly obvious to the community; some of these are actually laid out on the handy-dandy FPL schedule.  Most of the scheduled stuf revolves around PR-things, like ensuring (by writing it) that Red Hat puts out a press release at release time, that we’re doing Feature Stories on some of the more high-profile features, that we’re sending USB keys with previews of the new release to press folks, etc., though there are other things (checking in with election wrangler to make sure elections happen, and the like).

But, of course, those aren’t the only things, and attending/running board meetings isn’t the “other thing,” either.  Not everything the FPL does is going to be front-and-center obvious to the whole community; not everyone is on every mailing list, not everyone is in all irc channels at all times.  Transparency is important in this job, and I’d like to do as good as humanly possible in that regard; while blogging, obviously, is one way to keep everyone up to date on what I’m up to, it’s not comprehensive.

To that end, I’m experimenting a bit with a wiki page I made, that essentially is my “to-do/done” list – you can check it out here. My hope is that it will provide a nice record of what I’m planning to do and getting done, and give a reasonable, without being completely obnoxious in detail, view of what the job entails.  I’ve got it divided up into fairly-immediate (week-ish), short-term (month-ish) and long-term goals; we’ll see if that format works out well, or not.

Feedback welcome, of course. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Adventures in FPLing: The two-week mark, and what I do all day

  1. that’s a very interesting exercise in transparency (transparency IS good) and also a challenge to yourself, to keep updating the wiki page

  2. Going back to “FPL to date has brought their own personality to the job”, I have great expectations about what you will imprint on the Project. I am very happy about you being our new leader.

  3. One thought on the list (it’s an awesome list!) is to have actual estimated dates rather than ‘Short Term (next month or so)’. At least for me, I can quickly look at your status and what’s coming down the pipe in say 3 months or so. As for ‘Long Term Goals’ I get that it really doesn’t have a date.

    Thanks for doing the hard work to show us what you are currently doing!



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