Attention, universe!

I would just like to rant for a moment. Specifically, regarding recipes on the internet.

When you leave a “review” stating:

“This recipe was great! I followed it almost exactly. Except that instead of beef, I used pork; I used chicken broth instead of cream of broccoli.  Also, I cooked it on the stove instead of in the oven. Oh, and I didn’t have paprika, or pepper, but it seemed okay anyway.  And I was out of red wine vinegar so I used balsamic.  Also threw in some carrots at the end to give it some color. This recipe is a keeper! A++++++”

… and THEN you give the recipe FIVE STARS?

Seriously. I don’t understand it. Also: I shouldn’t have to read through 40 reviews to determine that it’s better to “cut the roast into 4 pieces” (though never in my life have i found that in cooking a roast, it is better to have it in pieces prior to cooking it, WUT?).

Anyway: Slow cooker FTW. If i have screwed this one up it’s probably a sign (that chinese food is in my imminent future.)


3 thoughts on “Attention, universe!

  1. yeah, allrecipes comment threads can be comedy central sometimes.

    Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    “Substituted broccoli for chocolate and cheese for ice cream – A++++!”

  2. If only there was a social network that let you interact with people based primarily on your culinary and gastronomic compatibility. Sort of like a platonic meets facebook for foodies. You can cull out the bad reviewers with thumbs down and start establishing a trust metric people people who share your food philosphophy.


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