Public Board IRC meeting today, and related things.

For those who don’t know, the Fedora Board meets on a weekly basis to take care of Board-related business.  These meetings alternate back and forth between phone meetings and IRC meetings, with minutes posted to the advisory board mailing list in a timely fashion after the end of the meeting.

This will be my first Board meeting as FPL, and really, my first Board meeting ever as a Board member.  In the past, my Board meeting participation has been on the other side of the fence — as an interested community person (and occasional stickler for meeting minutes, transparency, and follow-ups on actions). It’s important to note that the public IRC board meetings are OPEN TO EVERYONE, input is accepted, feedback encouraged, etc. (Though there is a minor amount of protocol requested, which you can read about here.)  It will be interesting to be on the flip side for a change… though I won’t make any jokes about taking the heat instead of dishing it, since that would be a totally obvious joke to make. 😀

I’d also like to point out that open Q & A is on the agenda for today (you can read the agenda in its entirety here), and as such, I’d really like to see us go through the open business rapidly so that we can actually have more than 30 seconds of Q & A time.

The meeting is normally announced ahead of time, along with an agenda, on the Board mailing list, which anyone can subscribe to.

If you’re interested in checking it out, meeting details are as follows:

When: 18:30 UTC (1:30pm US-Eastern), on Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Where: in #fedora-meeting on
Meeting Info:

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