Transitions, Soapboxes, and the like…

Well, hi there.

By now, most of you have probably heard that yours truly is the new Fedora Project Leader. I’m not going to get too preachy or soapbox-y here, but I have a few things to say:

Big shoes to fill, I have before me.  Some of the smartest and wisest and most inspiring people I know have sat in this seat; over the years since I joined the Fedora Project, they’ve become dear friends, co-workers, the peeps I can count on for advice, and guidance.  (And in many cases, people from whom I can extract money in a poker game.)

These are interesting times, folks, and we have a TON of stuff going on in Fedora right now that is on the hockey-stick path to Awesomeness.  The *rest* of smartest and wisest and most inspirational people I know are the diverse group of contributors who drive the Fedora Project forward every day; you all are the Doers, the people who make things happen, the people who take ideas and turn them into actions.

And so, I intend to wear those shoes proudly.  While I don’t plan on following in the footsteps of anyone (because, you know, that would be walking in circles, which isn’t highly productive), I do aspire to step with the same spirit that those before me have — honestly, transparently, communicative-ly (new word!), with humor, and with care. And I aspire to Get Stuff Done, sans red tape.

And I fully expect all of you to call BS on me when I’m not. 🙂

As for the imminent future: YES, in terms of Getting Stuff Done, there are things I’d like to Get Done. I don’t want to be Cloudy about it, but I see many ARMs up in the air, wondering what we might be getting done for our Users and Developers — and to that end, I’ll be spelling out a few of those things in the coming days. (Hint: THERE MAY HAVE BEEN HINTS IN THAT SENTENCE.) I think we have a tremendous number of shorter-term tasks to tackle as well; making it easier to get things done, improving processes, improving contributor onramping — all in the name of generally being a more agile community.  I will come out and say that one of the things that is important to me, personally, is recognizing those successes when we hit them, and being able to measure them, and as such, one of the things that I want to tackle is statistics — figuring out what we track, why, if it even makes any sense, what we do with the data, if we can make it actionable.

But that is just me. I recognize that I can’t go anywhere without others — the Doers, the Owners.  What is important to you, where you want to go, what you want to achieve, are the things that truly drive the Fedora Project. I’m here to listen, and help you get there, and hopefully help make it easier to do so.

In other news:

I would be an IDIOT to not capitalize on eyeballs with a bit of advertising right now.  Thus, I bring you:

Impending Milestones, Schedule Reminders, and General Pleading

The complete Fedora 17 Schedule is viewable, in all of its meaty glory, here.

12 thoughts on “Transitions, Soapboxes, and the like…

  1. The truth of it is that there is a special game of poker at every fudcon. Whoever gets dealt Aces and Eights becomes the new FPL. Robyn got it this time… who will be next.

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  3. Congratulations, Robyn.

    At first I was a little disappointed, not because of the choice, but because the past few FPLs have been hired from outside of Red Hat. Even though it’s been forever and a day since RHL9, some people still seem to mistrust RH. Those of us who contribute realize that Fedora is the most open, most community-driven, most free distro out there. But a lot of folks outside the Fedora community don’t seem to get that. Hiring an FPL from inside RH just supports their suspicions.

    But … if I look around and think about who would I choose for FPL, I really can’t come up with a better choice — not even close. Sure, you’re a total whack-job, but that is a GOOD thing! The past couple of FPLs have been a little too corporate. Sorry Paul and Jared — you were really great FPLs and great guys, but perhaps a little too normal. Nobody could accuse Robyn of that!

    I’m really looking forward to great things, and please don’t hesitate to ask for my help for whatever. I see a bright, blue future!

    • LOL! I am happy to be the whack-job. Or at least, the less corporate-y and slightly less normal (I mean, really, we all know that Paul doesn’t sleep and has super-human powers).

      As to your other points – yes, I’m sure many people would love to play Conspiracy Theorist. And if their name is Fox Mulder I’m happy to entertain that, but otherwise, I hope people remember that I was “community” not all that long ago when I started being program manager – and I think its very apparent to those inside the community that I’m still very much community, through and through. (At least I hope it’s apparent.)

      Thanks for the good wishes 🙂

    • @jjmcd: the difference is, Robyn was hired not long ago by RH to do community work on Fedora, pretty much the same type activity, but now from a higher position.

      • nicu, you know that, and I know that, and nobody who knows her would ever accuse Robyn of being a corporate lackey, but to people on the outside of the project, that’s exactly what she is.

        Of course, I’m not so sure there’s a lot of percentage in playing to the Fox Mulder crowd. At this point, probably nothing is going to influence them.

  4. What I want you to do, is to go and have a look at the ocean. Then you look and then you think, for hours. Then you try your best to be respected as FPL.

    And let me tell you something, I have Debian GNU/Linux running on my computing machine.

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