Sharing Fedora values and governance with other great communities

I’m pretty sure that by now, most folks are aware (I haz a big drum that I like to bang)  that one of the areas in Fedora where I focus effort is the Cloud SIG.  Getting involved here has been a pleasure simply from the vast amount of work that we (and by we, I mean, mostly the other people in the Cloud SIG) have gotten done in the past year or two, from getting us out of just having Fedora 8 in AWS, to getting momentum around packaging various cloud-related projects in Fedora. Additionally, in the course of my cloud-related travels and harassments, it’s been my absolute pleasure to be able to get to know a number of Really Smart People in several cloudy communities.

One of the projects that we had focused on getting into Fedora in F16 was HekaFS, or what I always like to refer to as “the filesystem formerly known as CloudFS” (I was really hoping that they’d name it PrinceFS, like the musician, but alas, they did not.) HekaFS is, in short, a set of extensions to GlusterFS that enable it to be more of a cloud-ready filesystem, with security, encryption, multi-tenancy, all that kind of jazz.  And in the end, Red Hat wound up buying Gluster, and we’re all one big happy family now, but it’s been great to see that the Fedora ties we had are continuing to flourish as Red Hat integrates Gluster. John Mark Walker, the “Community Guy” (his words, not mine!) is a good friend of mine that I met in the course of my Cloudy interactions, and it’s been super cool to have him go from being “dude I know in the cloud-i-verse” to a full-fledged co-worker.

The GlusterFS project today announced that they were forming an advisory board, and I’m delighted to see a number of Fedora folks being part of that board.  Jeff Darcy, who worked with the Cloud SIG for months on end in an effort to get HekaFS into Fedora, is on the board, and I’m sure that his vast technical knowledge will be a great asset to them.  Additionally, David Nalley and Greg DeKoenigsberg, both of whom I originally know from Fedora-land, happen to be friends of mine, and have coincidentally moved on to jobs as community leaders/managers/VPs/guys at Cloudstack and Eucalyptus, respectively, have also been named as founding members of the GlusterFS Board.

Without being preachy or *aaS-kissy (ha ha ha! I made a pun!) — I’d just like to say that I think it’s just fabulous to see that Fedora leadership has been tapped to provide guidance and assistance as the GlusterFS project works to define its governance model.  I know that Greg served for some time as a member of the Fedora board, and David is currently in his second stint as a board member. That they have been asked to participate certainly indicates that we’re blessed to have folks in Fedora who are Wise in the Ways of Governance, and I expect that the lessons they have learned from their participation in Fedora will be carried over to Gluster.  And kudos to John Mark for picking great choices, I think you’ve done a great job of picking an excellent spread of folks from a variety of communities who will do a great job as Gluster moves forward.

One thought on “Sharing Fedora values and governance with other great communities

  1. Thanks, Robyn for the post. Yes, it is really heartening to see folks for Fedora tapped to take board and other leadership positions in these projects. It does, perhaps, show that there is a tremendous value in community work which goes well beyond one’s $DAYJOB.

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