Turning FUDCon into Getting Things Done.

I was delighted this year to be able to actually attend, at least partially, BarCamp sessions, workshops, and hackfests during FUDCon in Blacksburg — quite an improvement over last year, where I mostly ran around like a Craaaaaaaaaazy Woman as the organizer.

Christoph’s idea about talking about post-FUDCon Plans for Action seemed like a great one, and it’s always awesome to be able to see at least the high-level, 20k foot view of what people are going to work on in the coming months, and see if there are perhaps intersections with what oneself might be doing. Here are my plans:

  • Simple FUDCon wrapup: Getting tickets closed, start thinking about Future FUDcons.
  • Writing up some simple FUDCon how-to’s and checklists. The main one I’m thinking of here is the checklist I came up with, with the help of The Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Stickster, as a bullet-list for reminders one should hear on the day of a BarCamp, or first day of FUDCon.  I think this can just be a simple wiki page, just called BarCamp Leadership Reminders, or something to that effect,  but it’s always helpful to have a good, shareable list written down somewhere so that every year, I don’t go and say to Paul, “Hey, Paul? Remember that plan I made last year? I forgot it….”
  • My awesome buddies in the infrastructure team, at my request, created a Trac instance for me for doing schedule stuff, which I’ll edit up a bit in terms of the templates, milestones, etc. so that I can have a place for people to request things from me, and I can actually, ahem, track them, rather than forget. Amazing! This also dovetails nicely (and this idea was a result of the discussions) with the Insight / calendaring stuff going on.
  •  Need to figure out a better methodology for FUDCons and ride coordination, both incoming and departing.
  • Taking one of my ideas for better communication and getting a few board members on board with it. Which would require me to explain it here, which I’m not going to at the moment, given the OMGOVERSTUFFED state of my Inbox this morning, but it is just a super simple thing to get people in the habit of doing, and reminding people to do it.
  • Pursuing a number of finance/budget related tasks that I am personally committed to getting fixed after sitting in Board meetings this weekend, as well as some new possibilities in that area.
  • Some thank-you letter duty relating to FUDCon.
  • Other things I promised people that I’ve already forgotten, but know they will happily remind me of, since I know y’all understand that I was having some OOM going on this weekend 🙂

Aside from that – wow, always so good to see so many of my close friends and contributor pals all at once, and the list of people is just far too long to thank, at least without me feeling guilty for realizing everyone I temporarily forgot. From Cloud SIG folks, to Board members, Ambassadors, Boston folks, people from Red Hat interested and curious about how FUDCon works,  and so many more…  it was just great to not just be able to get things done, in person, but to be able to laugh and enjoy in the evenings, and build those friendship bonds. You guys are all awesome, and I can’t wait for the next one.


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