FUDCon Day I don’t even know what, but Awesome Nonetheless: FEEL THE CLOUD

Today was Day 2 of FUDCon, but much of the activity this morning is the type that might normally happen on Day 1: Barcamp Pitches, FPL speech, BarCamp sessions, and Group Photo.

Everything went relatively smoothly (HOORAY PLANNING), with me giving a brief and hopefully not idiotic-sounding rundown of the day’s agenda, schedule, and reminders.  I then passed off to Spot to give an explanation of What Is a Barcamp?, so that folks who have not been to an unconference-style conference could know what to expect.  The long line soon formed, and plenty of people pitched their talks as quickly as possible.  After pitching, they exited the door at the back of the auditorium, handing off their pitch to Spot for taping and attaching to the wall, and re-entering in the other rear auditorium exit.

After everyone gave their pitches, the line for barcamp voting began, which is usually (and was again) the longest part of the process. Thomas Cameron was kind enough to act as line motivator, reminding people to not take all week, and we managed to get finished with voting with just enough time for Jared‘s FPL speech. While the speech went on, a few of us taped up the barcamp grid, counted up votes, and started arranging the schedule by vote popularity, avoiding conflicts of interest, etc. With 6 rooms and 5 time slots, 30 sessions seems like a lot, but proved to have a lot of things going on simultaneously, but in the end I think we managed to please everyone but a few people. Which is pretty much the story of life anyway, right? 🙂

Anyway, I have no idea how it happened, but magically, a lot of Cloud talks got conveniently aligned all in a row. (And I didn’t bump up the numbers, honest, there’s just interest, though I think Raspberry Pi wound up getting the largest number of votes.)  I popped into Mo Morsi‘s Aeolus talk for a bit this morning, and this afternoon John Mark Walker and Jeff Darcy  presented on Gluster, David Nalley gave a talk and demo on CloudStack, followed by Russell Bryant and an awesome local (to Blacksburg) Rackspace employee giving a presentation on OpenStack. Mike McGrath is now presenting on OpenShift, which I’m sure will be great.

FUDPub starts at 7pm, a bit of a break after the last session is over, and at 11pm we’ll be meeting in the lobby to play some POKER. Looking forward to the rest of the day and evening, whooping some butt in a variety of games of skill or luck, and helping Spot get through the evening of FUDPub 😀

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