Welcome to FUDCon! Your forecast is cloudy… err… FREAKING COLD but awesome

Well, it’s windy, snowing, my ears are cold, but the good news is that most people have managed to make it (save for the few of you stuck at ORD, who I’ll see later this morning!). Sadly, this means I can’t do any ridiculous puns about TEH CLOUD this morning, but I’m sure you’ll get your fill of cloud all weekend long. 🙂

Hopefully by now most of you have managed to figure out at least what time we’re starting today by looking at the schedule on the FUDCon:Blacksburg wiki page, but for those who haven’t (and there’s no time like the present!) — we’re starting at 9am on the second floor of McBryde Hall. (Obligatory link to map information is right here.) I’m sure we’ll have a good contigent of people walking over there this morning, though if you’re lucky, you can probably catch a ride with someone and not freeze your patootie off.

For those not here at FUDCon, you can still follow the fun on IRC on irc.freenode.net in #fedora-fudcon, as well as probably other channels specific to individual teams.  I’m sure lots of other people will be blogging about their ongoings on planet.fedoraproject.org as well.

So what have I been up to? 🙂 FUN THINGS, of course. Ian Weller, Dennis Gilmore, and I arrived on Wednesday afternoon.  I got my car and hauled us out to Blacksburg, which is about an hour drive from the Roanoke Regional Airport. Had some dinner, and then gathered in the lobby waiting for the few people arriving on Wednesday, including Jared and Tatica (who wound up not getting in until very late Wednesday/early Thursday), and I also got to meet Jon Masters, who I hadn’t yet ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Peter Robinson also got in that evening, so there was plenty of ARM talk to be had, though the extent of my contribution there was something along the lines of, “Hey, I have ARMs… I wave them around a lot and try to get people’s attention…” 🙂

Thursday morning saw me doing some work on the other projects I work on outside of Fedora in my hotel room, and then around noon we started seeing more people come in. Spot arrived with a vanful of Boston RHT folks he flew in with, and then I went back with him to the airport to retrieve many more folks, including cwickert, kanarip, jforbes, tflink, gholms, inode0, nirik, and about … 4 more people I’m forgetting because it’s super early right now and I’m still working on drinking my tea (but I can assure you that I love you guys nonetheless). Although it does not have the same ring to it as The Spevan, the SpotBus was still awesome, and there’s nothing that makes me more smiley than getting to see lots of Fedora people travelling together that I haven’t seen for a while and getting to have some great laughs and productive conversation in.

By the end of last night, a ton of people were here, and we have even more arriving this morning and this afternoon. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you here, we’re going to have a great time and get lots of Things Done 🙂

I’m hoping to attend some Cloudy Stuff today, as well as go to the Fedora Board meeting numero uno, and the Implementing the Spins Process in Trac session, which is an area that I think could use some srs luv. What is everyone else planning on doing today?

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