Doing a Workshop or Hackfest? READ ME TO GET SCHEDULED!

Planning on running a workshop or hackfest at FUDCon this weekend? If you are, do you know what time you’re doing it?

Chances are, you probably don’t.  Right now, the schedule for Friday and Sunday, the primary days for Workshops and Hackfests, is lookin’ pretty darned empty. But I do see a giant list of planned hackfests and workshops (and by the way, if you’re planning on one and haven’t listed it yet in the hackfests/workshops area of the wiki, you should probably do that!), which means we need to all come together and start planning WHEN all of these things are going to be.

Let me be very clear here:


And the sooner, the better; the trusty Ian Weller and I get into Blacksburg tomorrow (Wednesday), and I’d like to be able to get the schedule finalized as much as possible before evening on Thursday, so that people know where to go and what to do on Friday. The last thing we want to do is waste Ian’s last pre-21-years-old FUDCon screwing around for 8 hours trying to do it for everyone waste time when we get started on Friday morning running around not knowing where we should be — FUDCons are a huge investment of time (and money!) for everyone involved, so let’s make the most of the time we have together.

Please note: Don’t write your proposed BarCamp session into the calendar, as we’ll schedule those during BarCamp.

If you’re not sure when, or worried you’ll conflict with others, ping the people you think will be likely attendees at your session and just make sure it’s a kosher time. The schedule will never be conflict free, but we can do our best.

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