EC2 Access for FUDCon Cloudy Things, get it here! (Or read about it anyway.)

During my beauty sleep last night (2 hours: check!) it occurred to me that it might be helpful to have access to EC2 for any cloud-related things that come up, or just in case of general need for extra horsies, etc. So, that’s precisely what I’m going to do: Set up some temporary access for folks during FUDCon!

There are a few things I think this might be helpful for:

  • If you’re attending a session on BoxGrinder and you want to learn how to roll your own Fedora on EC2.
  • If you’re inspired to work on the Cloud Guide on a docs session, or maybe want to learn how to test EC2 for each release during Test Days.
  • In case you’re attending a hackfest on getting Fedora into the EC2/S3 .. repo.. area… or something… so that when you are yum-installing/updating/etc. you can get it insanely fast from what would essentially be a local mirror in EC2-land. And you want to help test to see if it works! (Note: Did you see that? That was my technical knowledge dropping off of a cliff.  I hope you can come to that hackfest and help out!) Maybe I’ll be more explicit about this plot in a future blog post in the next few days.

I’ll be setting up access using the awesome instructions written by Garrett Holmstrom to create accounts. IAM is actually pretty darned cool, and more importantly, EVEN I have utilized it and haven’t actually broken anything. The nice part is that you can limit how long the instances are alive, which is precisely what I’ll be doing — enabling them for this Thursday – next Tuesday (Jan. 12-16).

Anyway, if you want a temporary account for the FUDCon time period, drop me a line (rbergero@fedoraproject, plz).  I’ll set up accounts Wednesday night, and it would be super awesome helpful to me if you email me BEFORE IT IS AN EMERGENCY, preferably before FUDCon actually starts, so that I can hook you up without having to vanish in the middle of FUDCon fun.

<insert my sweet, smiling face here, topped by a Cloudy Hat that I really, really do have>

Speaking of Cloudy Things and access, if you’re planning on learning at all about OpenShift during FUDCon, and I have received confirmation that there will be Shifty Things a’Happenin’, you might think about signing up for that before you arrive, so you’re SUPER READY to get going on it. 🙂

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