SHIP IT (to me, at FUDCon)

No, no, this post isn’t about how to get something shipped to FUDCon. (Though I can give you that information. But really, that’s not what this is about.)


I know there are a few of you out there who really like playing poker and also just happen to be coming to FUDCon. And this works out fantastically, because I really enjoy beating some of you at poker, particularly if your name is Greg, but also if you happen to be named Paul, or Jesse, or Adam, or Bill, or Max. (Greg just gets extra points because he always beats me. Sniff.)

Anyway, I’m sure there are others of you who might like to do a little mini-tournament or something. I’m thinking Friday night, post-dinnerish-time, or Saturday night, post FUDPub. And so I am gauging interest. WITH YET ANOTHER WIKI PAGE. YOU ARE INVITED! Once I have a reasonable list I’ll note on the main FUDCon page the when, and eventually, the where.

Sign up here to give me major ego points, I mean, to play poker, since we’ll be playing not-for-money because of silly laws and stuff. (Though if we have a private room to play in, you know, things could change, and you could buy me a new pair of shoes, too.)


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