Cloudy Things at FUDCon Blacksburg.

It wouldn’t be right for FUDCon to happen (next week, BTW, Jan. 13-15) without me putting on my cloudy hat (Note: I LITERALLY HAVE A CLOUDY HAT) and pumping all things Cloud at FUDCon.  We have a ton of folks coming from various projects, so I’m hoping to see some hackfests, workshops, barcamp sessions, and so forth. I know that we already have some proposals on the main FUDCon Blacksburg wikipage for hackfests/workshops and Barcamp sessions, feel free to check them out, but I’d like to start actually adding some of the hackfests/workshops to the schedule so that people know when to be where. If you want to get acquainted with or participate in the Cloud SIG, this will be a great place to do it.

If you’re interested in coming to Cloudy Things, or want to Do Something Cloudy, I’ve conveniently set up a wiki page where you can indicate some interest as well, mostly for my ease of use so that I can figure out when things should be and who will be around that is interested here.  Or, you can pipe up on the Cloud SIG mailing list, or even join our always-interesting-and-fun Cloud SIG meeting TODAY, Friday, Jan. 6 at 1900 UTC (11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern) in #fedora-meeting on IRC.

So who will we have representin’, you ask? Let’s see:

If you’re not sure what this Silly Cloud hubbub is all about, or what the difference between an IaaS, PaaS, and a SaaS is… I am hoping that perhaps my planned barcamp pitch might be accepted. My not-so famous Cloud Smörgåsbord talk will give a super-high-level overview of all these things, talk a little bit about what all these various projects do, and so forth.

And hopefully I won’t make too much of an *aaS of myself. Tee-hee.

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