In case you’ve been living … well, not under a rock, but perhaps in the daze of the holidays and cookies and family and lines and so forth, FUDCon: Blacksburg is NEXT WEEK. As in January 13-15. Friday through Sunday.

And thus, I am here to give you, as always, gentle, friendly, loving tips, with only a slight hint of sarcasm. Because I’m nice like that. Really.

  • Tip #1: Planning on getting together with people to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN, or hoping people might be interested in doing the same stuff you are? The best time to start arranging that is before FUDCon. The best way to do this is either to reach out to your prospective co-thing-doers in mailing lists or IRC meetings, or better yet, WRITE A BLOG POST and make sure it hits planet.fedoraproject.org. And remember that if your trip was fully or partially sponsored, blog posts are a requirement! The more noise everyone can make about what they’re doing, the better.
  • Tip #2: I am willing to bet ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR that there are still folks who haven’t booked their hotel room. The date has passed for booking rooms, but if you’re in a bind, I’m of course willing to help you out. No guarantees, and I don’t exactly have a plan at the moment, but I’m guessing we can work things out. So email me or beep me on IRC if you’ve failed to heed my endless previous reminders and I promise to be nice, and I won’t even make it contingent on you purchasing me a hot dog. (Though I do love hot dogs.)
  • Tip #3: Not sure how you’re getting from the airport to the hotel? Try adding your name to the Travel Planning wiki page, and check back as we get a little closer for other people who are arriving around the same time as you. Get in contact. PROFIT. (Same goes for people driving from Raleigh – hit that wiki page up, but do it soon before The Amazing Ruth finalizes plans.)
  • Tip #4VERY IMPORTANT TIP ABOUT YOUR WIRELESS ACCESS. You need to register for your guest account to get wireless while at FUDCon. You *will* want wireless. So go to the wiki page and learn about how to register for access so that you can be on teh intarwebz whilst at FUDCon.
  • Tip #5: If you’re planning on giving a presentation, make it now! We have a lovely template if you’re not sure how to make it look, but the content is what counts.  Adding your plans for your barcamp session/pitch, workshop, or hackfest to the FUDCon wiki page helps others plan ahead for what they want to do/see/participate in. Incidentally, if this is your first FUDCon, you should read about what the heck goes on at a FUDCon.
  • Tip #6: I really do like hot dogs. Oh, wait.

2 thoughts on “FUDCon Blacksburg: LET’S DO THIS THING

  1. Yay! Plans made, hotel booked, preliminary travel plans ready, registered for wifi, presentation…uhm…first and last slide done ^^’ No worries though, I have the rest of the week to finish them and at the current pace I’ll have them ready by FUDCon NA 2021…oh, wait, not good :/

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