Bakin’ up a Beefy Miracle: THE RECIPE FOR PROGRESS. (Also known as, Friendly Schedule Reminders.)

Lest you all think that I’m just sitting around doing FUDCon-related things constantly (ha ha ha), I’d just like to interject for a moment and also remind you that we have this wee little bit of EPIC AWESOMENESS going on, better known as Fedora 17. Mmm-hmm.

Now, I realize that we have, or are about to have (since FESCo currently has more than 10 in the queue for their next meeting), a BOATLOAD of features in this release.  I don’t mean, like, a tugboat, or a yacht, but I’m talking, the FULL-ON CRUISESHIP O’FEATURES (please note that any cruise ship references are not related to any desires to have FUDCon on a cruise ship. No sirree.)  And like any awesome, delicious recipe with lots of ingredients, you generally don’t want to dump all the crap in a bowl at once and hope to god it works out; instead you want it to turn out as a hearty $foodyoulove, and not $somethingthatyouateonceandohboyneveragain.

Or, to get more to the point, the sooner you people get your features in, and done in a timely manner, the more likely it is that we’ll have a less frantic, more on-time release.

Here are some dates to pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO:

  • Feature Submission Deadline: 2012-01-24. That’s not long after FUDCon. Which means that you should probably think about this stuff *before* FUDCon, and get it done, and not get swept up in the excitement and business of FUDCon. Also: YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH THINGS RELATED TO YOUR FEATURE AT FUDCon. Fancy that!
  • Feature Freeze: 2012-02-07. For feature freeze, the feature should be substantially complete and in a testable state, and enabled by default, if so specified by the feature. Branch freeze is also on 2012-02-07.
  • Software string freeze is on 2012-02-14.
  • The Alpha Change Deadline is also 2012-02-14. Love is in the air!
  • F17 Alpha is scheduled for 2012-02-28.

In the meantime: IF YOU ARE A FEATURE OWNER, please, please, pretty please, with mustard on top, keep your percentage complete number updated on your feature page. Your percentage complete should be updated at *least* once a month, if not more often.  Knowing where you are *really* at helps a number of different teams coordinate and prioritize things, and I’m really not a fan of waving the white flag of OHGODNOOOOO if things are just hunky dory.  But if the white flag needs to be waved, I’d really prefer to wave it in advance, when things can be fixed, and not at the last second. So do your part and update your percentages!

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