FUDCon Blacksburg: Book your hotel, mah peeps!

Holy crap! FUDCon:Blacksburg is right around the corner on January 13-15, 2012. Like, *weeks* away. Srsly.

So just a few friendly reminders:

  • Book your hotel. Seriously. The block expires *today*, December 28, so do me a favor and just book your room now, and don’t come a-cryin’ in a few days saying, OMG, I DIDN’T KNOW. (I’ll still love you if you forgot, or had drama, or whatever, and I won’t chastise you, and I’m sure we’ll have to figure something out, BUT PLZ HELP ME TO AVOID THIS and book your sleeping spot!)
  • Haven’t added your name to the pre-registration list? Get on it! And if you’re already there, take a look and make sure you’ve added your roommate’s name, if you have one, and mark yourself as having booked the hotel, which I’m sure you’ve done, because you love me, and all that.
  • If you’re planning on pitching/doing a barcamp session, running a workshop, or organizing a hackfest, we have spots on the wiki to keep track of that stuff. It’s especially helpful if you are planning a workshop or hackfest, so we can get that stuff in the schedule, make sure we have rooms available and marked off, and so forth. Also, you should ADVERTISE your plans/aspirations/half-baked ideas (the latter is my specialty!) so people will plan on attending — think about doing a Planet post, or pimping it out on the applicable mailing list.
  • Speaking of pimping, FUDCon could use a little bit of that in general. We’ll be using the #fudcon hashtag before, during, and after FUDCon on your favorite microblogging places.  And blog posts are welcomed, of course — and if your attendance was sponsored, it’s darned near a requirement.  Feel free to talk about your plans for FUDCon, whether they’re your travel plans, get-together plans, hackfest/workshop/barcamp sessions you’re planning on doing or attending — let’s get excited, people!
  • Oh! If you’re doing a session, there’s an awesome Fedora template you can use for making presentations. Not required, but it sure is nice looking.
  • Need to coordinate travel once you get in to Blacksburg (or, just need to coordinate getting to Blacksburg from a nearby location)? I highly recommend making use of the handy-dandy Travel Planning Wiki Page. It’s rockin’ like Dokken, yo.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone there. And kicking your butts at poker. Which I will be kissing butt to someone else to coordinate. Feel free to volunteer to organize a tournament (which apparently will have to be non-money based because of legal BS but really, it’s all about WINNING, and glory, right??).

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