Announcements about subsidies for FUDCon Blacksburg, plus general updates.

A few updates for everyone on FUDCon Blacksburg. Because I know you’ve all been waiting on pins and needles, all weekend long, for this!

We will be having our second subsidy meeting on Wednesday, November 23rd.  This meeting will be for evaluating and processing any available subsidy monies for international attendees, as well as processing any new North America-based subsidy requests.  If you are requesting a subsidy, please ensure that your Trac ticket for requesting subsidies is complete, particularly and especially with detail to what you plan to accomplish / do while at FUDCon.  With more than ten international requests, and limited funding, it is especially important for the people attending the meeting to have a clear picture of your plans in order to make a decision on funding.

The subsidy meeting is open for anyone to attend.  Please feel free to participate, especially if you have requested funding, so that we may ask questions and get answers in a timely manner.  The meeting occurs this Wednesday (during the normal FUDCon planning meeting time) at 17:00 UTC in #fedora-meeting on (9am Pacific, Noon Eastern).

Information on applying for a subsidy can be read here.
And in the land of “more general FUDCon updates” ….
First, a friendly reminder that pre-registration for FUDCon is open. If you are planning to attend, please visit the FUDCon Blacksburg wiki page to add your name to the registration list.

Second: Rooms at the hotel for FUDCon can be booked now.  The block is open until December 28, 2011. Read here for details on booking your room.

Finally: As always, your participation is welcomed, and your help is appreciated.  Signing up on the fudcon-planning mailing list is a great way to find out how you can help, and to get more details about FUDCon as the event draws near.  Sign up now, you won’t regret it!

I’m hoping to see many of you at FUDCon (and it’s not that there are those of you I don’t want to see, I just know that not every contributor on the planet will make it to Virginia). 🙂 It’s going to be a Beefy Time!

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