Robyn’s Friday, wahoo

I’m getting behind! Must catch up! Already half-way through Monday, sheesh.

  • Woke up at 5:50 for a 6am meeting. Meeting was postponed at 5:45am to 7am. Groan.
  • Email.
  • 7am meeting. People are on vacation, meeting lasts 5 minutes. Sadface.
  • Look at remaining blocker bugs, do a bit of digging.
  • Back to drawing board on presentation. Feeling like I’m just repeating myself.  Start over again.
  • Talk to boss about presentation. He recommends writing from the back, forward, so I know that there is some end point I want to make. Good idea.
  • Phone call with RHT PR. Discuss video footage for F16 release.
  • Ask on aeolus-devel list if anyone is interested in being on video.
  • Fedora Cloud SIG meeting.
  • Chasing down new mailing list setup with quaid
  • Locating missing receipt bits that need to be itemized individually which is unawesome
  • Phone call with Stickster
  • Catching up on meeting minutes shipping out
  • Putzing around with XML pages. Manage to not break anything for once. Feel impressed with myself.
  • Reviewed PRD docs for program manager team stuff
  • Reorganized various meeting agendas.  Trying to generally be more expedient about things.

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