Thursday in Robyn-land

  • Fixed schedule, published schedule, fixed schedule wiki page, blogged about schedule changes. Whew. I have no idea what i was doing wrong, but suddenly it all just worked.
  • Email.
  • Cluster meeting.
  • Wrangling stickers with StabbyMc.
  • Canadian Event Box is with someone who is on vacation. Trying to figure out how to get other swag. We don’t need a tablecloth, and I have a bunch of media, so….
  • Assess what I have in stock, considering i have stickers from StabbyMc and case badges from Southern_Gentlem on the way. I can bring XOs, and a few other swaggy things.
  • Harass Spot about what he has in the way of swag.
  • Review pros and cons of bringing a penguin suit to Vancouver with Spot.  Cons outweigh pros.
  • Start in on expense reports. UGH
  • Release readiness meeting. Wow, people really have it together this time. Good job, everyone!
  • Help Karsten with various CommArch things relating to agendas/task lists
  • Pull in changes from F-16 translation schedule to F17-F20 schedules. Everything builds. Win!
  • Pulling together meeting minutes from various things.
  • Back to dreadful, hateful expense report
  • A few more updates to feature list. One or two holdouts who are going to fesco.

Random trivia of the day: Draft schedules for F17-F20 are posted in my fedorapeople directory, here: (or f-18, f-19, f-20)

To see the major milestones of a schedule, the best file to look at is the key-tasks file, seen here: (or f-18/f-19/f-20)

The key tasks schedule shows all of the major milestones in the Fedora life cycle, including Freeze dates, and Alpha/Beta/Final release dates.

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