My world, lately

My good pal Spot had a good post Monday and yesterday about “what he’s doing in Fedora,” and I figured it might be something cool I could do as well.  Now, I can’t promise that I am going to be as absolutely detailed as Spot was in his post, but I will make an effort to at least shed some light on things, or talk about some of the more puzzling points of things going on in my corner of the world.  My intent is also to try and do this daily, and hopefully not fail too often at doing so.

That said, I suppose it’s been a while since I gave a generalized update on what I’ve been doing, so I’ll just do that first, because I know my life is REALLY RIVETING… oh, wait, maybe not, but, you know.

What’s Robyn Been Up To?

Travel, ZOMG. I went to OSCON in Portland, and, yeah, it was OSCON.  Sessions seemed *really* short (and were, at 40 minutes each), and things were either really beginner, or really over my head. The expo floor, where I spent the majority of my time when not in meetings, was really slow as compared with last year.  Fedora’s booth was kind of in a crappy spot, on the perimeter where it wasn’t obvious that there were more booths beyond, so basically we spent a lot of time chatting with the always excellent folks at the FSF.  Even for booths in the main area, though, the general consensus was that traffic was slower/less plentiful than last year, and towards the end of the show people were just giving things out to get rid of them. “Need  more william shatner playing cards? Take 10.”

As always, though, the Hallway Track was abundant in good peeps.  In addition to seeing Mel Chua, Sebastian Sdziallas, and Harish Pillay from the CommArch team, many other people were about.  Greg DeKoenigsberg was about, and introduced us to some folks from a super cool project called Wikiotics, a wiki for language instruction tools.  Also got to meet up with some of my Cloudy pals and talk shop, including Graziano from Eucalyptus, and mrhinkle from Citrix (nee And, the OpenShift guys had their (incredibly shiny and beautiful) booth right behind the Fedora booth, so it was great to meet some of them.  My most excellent predecessor John Poelstra was also about, and was a super help at the Fedora booth, and it was nice to chat with him in person.

After OSCON, I went home and made sure that my house wasn’t on fire and verified that everyone was still alive, and then turned around and headed out to Santa Cruz to work for a few days with the CommArch folks, mostly doing some schedule-related stuff and helping to plan out some future projects.  Ian Weller and I also drove up from Santa Cruz to Silly Valley one night and met up with Major Hayden, aka rackerhacker, for dinner and some extended cloud chat, as he was in town for Xen Summit.  He tried to get us to crash the Xen party wearing our Red Hat shirts but we just couldn’t be connived into it. 🙂

In other news: In addition to my Fedora program management duties (aka tending the schedule), I’m also doing essentially the same task for the Red Hat Cluster folks.  Coincidentally, this is the team that my significant other works in at Red Hat, so it’s been nice to be able to work with people that I already know, who are being incredibly kind and patient as I come up to speed.  🙂  (Yes, that’s a bit of ass-kissing that you just read there.) It’s also *great* to be working with a group of folks who actually ask about Fedora dates and schedules and care 🙂

Also: Had epic round of Bell’s Palsy again! Second time this has happened. Anyway, this time was not as horrible as the first time (where I literally couldn’t close one eyelid) but I figured out what was going on pretty early (when I figured out that half my tongue was numb).  I’m still not quite back to normal but, hey, I guess everyone knows I’m pretty far off that mark anyhow, right? 😀

Anyway. So that’s where I’ve been. And now I’ll progress onto the “what have I been doing in the past 24 hours” portion of this post:

Tuesday in Robyn-land

  • Woke up at ungodly hour because of sig0’s 7:00am Tuesday morning meeting. Wrong, just wrong.
  • Email, email, email. Meeting calendar.
  • Sent vast numbers of Final Harassment Mails to feature owners.
  • Sent off emails to figure out shipping address to get the Canadian Event Box to Linuxcon in Vancouver.
  • Phone call w/Spevack.
  • Updated some of the FeatureList.
  • More email with Linux Foundation, trying to figure out if Fedora can have a booth at Linuxcon Brazil and Europe. No dice, they don’t have space for any .org’s this year at either event. Sent off mail to Jiri letting him know.
  • Have seizure wondering why I can’t log into Stickergiant website, “Account has been disabled.” WTF!
  • Track down stabbymc, who says he did get a confirmation on the sticker order, and they’re being shipped approximately 8/8. Obtain receipt from him, add to giant expense report pile.
  • Did some cleanup in the community EC2 account. Hooray, I did it without breaking anything!
  • Keeping up with RC1 and RC2.
  • Chat w/Toshio about BoxGrinder, trademark stuff, cloudy things.
  • Sent out email for F16 Alpha readiness meeting Thursday.
  • RC3 – Still no worky. Watching new bugs come in on top of existing ones.
  • More FeatureList updates. Feeling much better.
  • Tweaked schedule for misaligned date in translation schedule. Holding off on pushing until after Go/No-Go meeting, since I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be adjusting even more.
  • Hover in on Commarch scrum meeting.
  • More looking at even more and newer Alpha Blocker Bugs. It’s 11:30pm, I am guessing they will still be around in the morning to look at.

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