Applying Mustard and Cracking Whips: The Fedora 16 Feature List, and indicating progress.

Hey! You! Yes, you — are you curious about what’s going to be new and hot and fresh in Fedora 16?

Well, it’s that time in the release cycle — the time when the Feature List is more or less finalized, barring any exception requests from FESCo for features submitted after the Feature Submission deadline. Which means it’s a *great* time to take a look at the list, and see what new things are going on — or what features might be directly or indirectly affecting any packages that you own.  So, please — take a look at what’s expected in this release!

I’m actually rather impressed at the number of Very Cool Features for this release.  Of course, the key is to actually get them *finished* and in Fedora — and so, as always, I am filled with Friendly Reminders, most of which are based off of the glorious Fedora 16 schedule:

  • 2011-07-12 was the Feature Submission Deadline.
  • 2011-07-26 is Feature Freeze.  At this point, per the Feature Freeze Policy, all features should be substantially complete and in a testable state — and if so specified by the feature, enabled by default.  This date is also the Branch Freeze date, so plan accordingly!
  • 2011-08-02 is both the Software String Freeze date and Alpha Change deadline.
  • 2011-08-16 is the scheduled date for the Alpha Release.

If you are a feature owner, please pay attention: In your feature page, which, if it has been accepted by FESCo, should be appearing in the Feature List, there is a field for % completed, and the date the feature page was last updated.  I’m seeing a LOT of features that haven’t been updated with their progress over the past month, and a number of features with very low percentage rates of completion.  Please keep in mind that these do have my watchful eye on them — and features that are not meeting the criteria of being substantially complete and testable will be at risk of being dropped.  If your feature page is showing that it is 10% done, I’m going to be assuming that this doesn’t qualify as “substantially complete”  — meaning you will likely be subject to my endless email harassment if you are not updating it.  So, Please, pretty please, with mustard on top, INDICATE YOUR PROGRESS on your feature page.  For the love of all things Beefy. (Thanks to tatica for the artwork!)

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