Friendly Fedora Election reminder: FESCo Town Hall is today.

Why, hello there, election fans.

I’m here today to remind you of the FESCo town hall for the upcoming election.  The IRC town hall is TODAY, May 31, 2011, at 1800 UTC. (FESCo is the short way of saying Fedora Engineering Steering Committee, in case you’re curious.)

The town hall will be occuring in #fedora-townhall on  Non-candidates should also join #fedora-townhall-public — this is the channel where you, THE VOTER, can post questions, and then our friendly town hall moderator will take those questions to the moderated #fedora-townhall channel for the candidates to answer, in the order in which they were received.

You can read all about the FESCo candidates here.  Additionally, nominees previously answered some questions in the Candidate Questionaire — be sure to check this out if you’re interested in their responses.

If you’re not sure when 1800 UTC is, I suggest that you consult a time zone converter.

Town halls are an excellent way to get involved in the elections process, and an opportunity to get to know the candidates. I encourage you to attend if you have the time.

The elections themselves will be running June 2 – June 8, and I’m sure I’ll be giving yet another wiki reminder on that in the future.

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