Fedora Activity Day at Southeast LinuxFest

I’m sure by now you may have read Paul’s excellent post on the upcoming Southeast LinuxFest. (If not, just keep scrolling down the Fedora planet page, and I’m sure you’ll bump into it in a few more posts.)

We have some space available to us on Friday in the form of our own gathering room, so I figured we should make the most of our time and gathered folks and do something productive. Like, say, a Fedora Activity Day, also known as a FAD!

I figured that since we have a good mix of people, and also, IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS, it would be a good time to work on some additional FUDCon guidelines / processes around (a) Finance, and (b) site selection.  (Also, I’d been poking around for FAD ideas from the people already known to be attending, and hadn’t heard much from anyone.)  It’s definitely a FAD of opportunity, though — having the FPL, our <strike>finance guy</strike> Community Architecture manager, and a few folks around who have organized FUDCons (including Paul, Ryan, and myself) and have experienced some of the pitfalls and asked a lot of questions, makes for a good crowd to tackle some of the problems, and get some information out there that is helpful to other FUDCon organizers.

The Finance angle comes from some of the following things we’ve seen:

  • FUDCon organizers generally have a chunk of budget, but they’re not quite sure of all of the details — do Red Hat employees have to draw from that pool? What if we have sponsors?
  • How do we make sure things are getting paid for? Who am I supposed to have pay for things? Do I need to file tickets?
  • Things are rolling along, and some things have been paid for, I *think* — how much budget is left?
  • How much budget should I allot for community travel vs. other things like FUDPub, tee shirts, etc?

The site selection angle is another ball of fun in itself.  We most recently experienced this in the selection for the North American FUDCon, which will be in Blacksburg, VA in January 2012.  North American ambassadors were asked to make a recommendation, choosing between the bids for Olin and Blacksburg, and there were definitely a lot of questions.  How do we choose? What are the criteria, and how are they weighted? Are we choosing, or merely making a recommendation to FAmSCo? How long should the process take to choose?

And so it seems like having a bit more clarity around these things would be really helpful for future FUDCon planning, particularly since we’ve moved from having FUDCons being planned by a Red Hat employee to being  community organized and planned — we definitely need some better processes in place to make sure that the flow of things being paid for is working smoothly, with clear ownership of roles and so forth.

I’ve set up a wiki page for the planned FAD here.  If you’re planning on attending SELF already, I’d love to have your help — please sign up on the wiki page to indicate your attendance!



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