Friendly Fedora Election Townhalls Reminder: Fedora Board Townhalls are today.

Hey there, awesome people,

This is your friendly reminder that today, May 30, 2011, at 1900 UTC, the IRC town hall for the Fedora Board election takes place.  Town halls are the part of the elections cycle where you get the opportunity to ask questions of all the candidates in what is essentially a “live” way (as opposed to a delayed way, which would be when the candidates answer the questions listed in the Candidate Questionaire via email to the questionnaire coordinator) – on IRC, in real time.

The town halls will be occuring in #fedora-townhall on  Non-candidates should also join #fedora-townhall-public — this is the channel where you, THE VOTER, can post questions, and then our friendly townhall moderator will take those questions to the moderated #fedora-townhall channel for the candidates to answer.

If you’re not sure when 1900 UTC is, I suggest that you consult a time zone converter.

Not sure who the candidates are? Read all about them here.

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