SHIPIT! Also: I PROMISE to learn to proofread what I write

At the Fedora 15 Final Go/No-Go meeting today, the Fedora 15 Final Release was declared GOLD and ready for release on May 24, 2011.

Let me just state: FIFTEEN, FIFTEEN, FIFTEEN, because (again) I typed 14, and clearly, that’s not what I meant.

I promise to learn to proofread. Even if I have to stand at a chalkboard and write it 1000 times, BartSimpsonStyle.


(Edit: Thank goodness for moderation – mails got fixed before they went to most places, except the logistics list.)

Anyway: HOORAY FOR SHIPPING! Thanks to everyone who made this possible. And I know that list is long. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Minutes are available, as are logs,  if you are interested in following the meeting details.

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