I left my Beefy Miracle in Vegas

Well, it looks like I have some sad, sad news.  As some of you know, I submitted a bid to have FUDCon in Vegas early next year.  And I have to withdraw it.

Here’s the scoop, in brief: While cheap rooms are a-plenty, transportation is relatively easy, and there are abundant food options – meeting space is just ridiculous.  Meeting in a hotel either requires (a) paying through the nose, or (b) having a 15-30k+ food/beverage catering minimum.  The one hotel that I found that was reasonable both in price as well as costs for rooms, like nearly every other hotel I talked to, uses an outside vendor for their meeting space “technical” needs – meaning we work with an outside, non-negotiable business for things like projectors, power, projector screens, and wireless costs.  Projectors were something like 600 bucks, per day, PER ROOM, and throw in wireless costs on top of that – and we’re suddenly looking at $10k+ just for facilities.

Which really doesn’t fit into budget.

And, moreover, SUCKS.

Anyway, sorry to dash y’all’s dreams of FUDCon in Vegas.

Of course, there is always the option of the non-Fedora sponsored, Fedora Friends summer weekend in Vegas. Early August? Anyone? 😀

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