What’s shakin’, Fedora?

Here are five fun things you should know about:

1) Fedora 15 Alpha comes out on Tuesday, March 8.  WOOT.

2) We now have an awesome sticker program. Send in your SASE to Spot, and he will fill it with a little bit o’ Fedora Love and send it back your way. What a great way to get some Fedora swag out to contributors and enthusiasts who haven’t yet had an opportunity to grab some.

3) Finance SIG! In case you haven’t read the news, a Finance SIG is being started up, with the first meeting being TODAY, Friday, March 4, in about 20 minutes. The goal is to try and make the whole process of getting Commarch money out to contributors and utilized for events, FADs, FUDCons, and other non-traditional avenues that we’d like to encourage more. Kudos to Max for organizing this first meeting.

4) Trusted Computing SIG! Oh, yes, that’s right folks: We got SIGs for everyone. The Trusted Computing SIG is, and I’ll quote directly so I don’t screw it up, “a collaboration area for interested parties with trusted computing requirements to discuss their needs with developers as well as hardware and software partners.” Sound cool? Sign up on their mailing list for more ‘deets.

5. Fedora 16 Release Name Time.  While my $1 USD challenge has been taken up on the link between “Lovelock” and “Beefy Miracle,” you, YES YOU, can help out and contribute a suggestion for an awesome name for Fedora 16.

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