FUDCon is coming. What are *you* hoping to get done at FUDCon?

Hey, guess what? FUDCon is coming.

Oh, right. I bet you’ve heard me mention that once or twice in the past, oh, 6 or 7 months.

But just in case you’ve missed me, standing on my soapbox, beating my gong (note to someone: I need a gong, please): FUDCon is coming to Tempe, Arizona, January 29-31, 2011.  You can read all about it here, and while time is short, you can still make plans to get there. So, come on down to the sunny southwest and hang out with the rest of your Fedora Friends while we Get Things Done.

The past year has been filled with a lot of, ahem, passionate discussion about the future directions that Fedora may take.  I know that the Board has been addressing some of this, as have the individual SIGs, SCos (that’s short for Steering Committees, in case you’re wondering!), and Teams.   And really, I think that everyone has ideas, be they Grand Scale, or small and individually manageable, about how they would like to shape Fedora.  This is shaping up to be our biggest FUDCon EVAR, with people coming in from all regions of the world, and it’s going to be a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved – and that includes people participating remotely – to collaborate on a Lot of Things.  I encourage everyone to take a look at the attendee list, and start thinking about the things they’d like to accomplish while at FUDCon.  Be ready to be passionate about what you believe in, be prepared to have those discussions that are meaningful to you, and be ready to start diving in and working on making things happen in Fedora.   And better yet – start talking now about those things that you’d like to accomplish. A blog post is a great place to start that thinking ball rolling.

Okay, so, </soapbox>. Put up or shut up, right? Here’s what I hope to see and get done while at FUDCon:

  • Have terrific meetings with the Cloud SIG folks. We have representation coming from a number of flossy Cloud Projects, including Deltacloud, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, CloudFS, Sheepdog, BoxGrinder, and if I forgot you, it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s because I’ve been sweating bullets over FUDCon details. *grin* I hope that by these various projects coming together, we can not only make sure that everyone is on track to have killer feature stuff happening in F15, but that we can also work together on Test Day plans, EC2 getting spun into rel-eng stuff, and most importantly, start to talk about how all these Cloud Projects actually fit together in the real world.  How do we work together? What do other folks at FUDCon, who are likely to be deploying these cloud products at some point, think about how these products are shaping up? Are there gaping holes that need to be addressed? Let’s think Cloud, folks – it’s one of the biggest technological changes going on right now, and Fedora should be ON TOP of that, and leading the charge.
  • Community Working Group stuff. We’ve been discussing Codes of Conduct – I think this is a great time to talk with other folks in the community about how they think things are shaping up at this point, or how they think things should change. Let’s be good listeners.
  • Governance Discussions, and watching the Board Public Meeting. This speaks for itself, I suppose – they are both very important to me, and to how Fedora operates in the future.  I’m very interested to hear what I suspect a lot of folks have to say.
  • Making everyone’s FUDCon experience TOTALLY AWESOME. Yeah, I’ve been busting ass on this for a while now.  And I won’t be resting until it’s over.  I’m super excited to meet everyone, and I hope this turns out to be the best FUDCon folks have been to yet.  If you have any questions, or need anything while you’re in town, or need anything *before* you’re in town, please don’t hesitate to ping me.

What are your FUDCon plans?

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