Clouds and jobs and FUDCons, OH MY

 By now most of you have heard that I’m taking over poelcat‘s role as Fedora Program Manager.  (And thanks for all the well-wishes – you guys make me smile!!!)  As Such, I’ll also be joining Red Hat as an official employee – and I’ll be starting Monday, November 15.  I’ll be in orientation for two days, and then I’ll be hopping right into things – meetings, getting to know new coworkers, and coming up to speed on stuff in general. I’m looking forward to it – I think it will be a ton of fun, hard work, and I’m delighted to be taking over for someone who has done such a great job.  Feel free to ask me questions – I know I will be asking a lot myself in the near future! 🙂

Oh, but what’s that? Ah, yes. You want to know what’s happening with Marketing, and Cloud-SIG, and FUDCon!

Never fear – I’ll still be here.  Marketing is, of course, my first true love,  and I am really excited about all the features we’ll be having in Fedora 15, particularly the ones coming from the Cloud SIG. And as for Cloud SIG……

Cloud SIG: Getting better all the time

In Fedora 14, thanks to Justin Forbes, Fedora 14 actually became a reality on EC2. Are we stopping there? HECK NO.  And if you’re looking for a place in Fedora where you can help awesome become even awesomer, watch cutting-edge stuff happen, and generally hang out with really smart people who know a LOT about the Cloud… well, the Fedora Cloud SIG is the place to hang out. (Read here if you’re interested in coming to meetings or joining the mailing list!)

Just a few highlights. No, wait! Not a few. There’s tons of stuff going on. So here are a bunch of highlights:

  • BoxGrinder is being submitted as a feature for F15.  Know anything about rubygems or packaging? Come help review some of the packages.  BoxGrinder is used for building virtual appliances – and is one of the many JBoss cloud projects.
  • CloudFS is being submitted as a feature for F15.
  • OpenStack, a community project sponsored by Rackspace, will likely be going in as a feature for F15 – Swift (aka Object Storage) is already packaged, and Nova (Compute) is currently in progress.
  • I have big hopes that Deltacloud, or at least parts of it, will be going into F15. Want to help? They’ve got a packaging list of things waiting for review, things needing to be packaged, and things already packaged (and the latter is nice and long – don’t get scared off!).
  • Sheepdog, a distributed storage system for KVM, will be going in as a feature for F15.  (Added bonus: this project has an extra epic mascot.)

Cloud @ FUDCon, too!

Hopefully everyone is mostly aware by now of the upcoming FUDCon in Tempe in January, 2011.  (Yours truly is an organizer!)  We have a *ton* of awesome Cloud-SIG community folks coming in, and some interesting sessions being planned, including things like:

  • Fedora Cloud Storage (Building your own storage cloud with Fedora)
  • Sheepdog Distributed QEMU/KVM Block Storage (Intro to Sheepdog, including configuration, administration, design, and benchmarks in Fedora 15)
  • Cloud Filesystem (How to turn a distributed filesystem into a cloud filesystem: security, multitenancy, replication, and other features)
  • BoxGrinder (Intro to BoxGrinder – a tool for building appliances for various virtual and Cloud environments)

In short: If you’re interested in things Cloud-y, and want to chat and swap ideas and DO AWESOME STUFF with good folks from good projects all over the place – I’ll just namedrop and say Red Hat, Deltacloud, JBoss, Fedora, OpenStack, Rackspace, Eucalyptus, Sheepdog – or you want to hang out and interact with all sorts of other people who are learning about the Cloud or are planning on making use of clouds in their future – FUDCon is the place to be in January!

Speaking of FUDCon….

Yeah, I can’t have a blog post without keeping you up to date on the latest happenings here.

  • We are up to 142 registrants. WOW!!! If you’re planning on coming, please sign up as soon as you can.
  • Our primary hotel has sold out of the block we reserved.  You can still get rooms at the hotel’s regular price, OR, we’ve arranged for a group rate at another hotel on ASU Campus about 1.5 miles away.  They’ll be providing a shuttle to get FUDCon attendees to FUDCon, as well as to and from the airport.  Check out the lodging section of the FUDCon:Tempe wiki page for details.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to ask!

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