UTOSC, Day .1

I’ve just arrived at the lovely Marriott Residence Inn in Sandy, Utah for the Utah Open Source Conference, which runs here today through Saturday evening at Salt Lake Community College. I’ll be speaking Friday on the ever-epic topic of OMNOM (open marketing, not obscured marketing!), and there will be plenty of other Fedora action as well, including keynotes from Karsten and Jared, and other sessions from friends like Larry, Karsten and Larry’s trio of awesome girls, Clint (who is also organizing UTOSC), and Ryan.

Ryan and I drove up today from that magical place known as Tempe, Arizona, starting a bit after lunch. We met up with Smooge, who was in town to do magical things with servers, and had a good lunch and talk about all sorts of things (infrastructure, vision, and our Epic Waiter Who Talks All Manly and Buttery).  We hopped in the car and headed up here and managed to get here in (I think) a bit under 12 hours, including some “scenic driving” down the Las Vegas Strip (moral obligation to make sure rrix sees vegas, fulfilled!) and some good laughs as we passed the exit for Laughlin (as in Fedora 14!) and started thinking of names for Fedora 15.

In addition to a good schedule line-up, I’m also excited that there will be an Ignite session on the first night of UTOSC.   When I’m not speaking, hanging at the Fedora booth, or attending sessions, I’m really hoping to get some time to do some mini-hackfests with other Fedora folks and try and knock some things out.

AND WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS, you ask??? Oh, why, Yes, you are right – It’s a fantastic idea to have a wish list.

  • One-page release notes & screenshots
  • FUDCon:Tempe Prospectus finishing touches
  • See if I can get Ryan to review some Deltacloud packages
  • Catch up on posting meeting logs to wiki pages
  • FUDCon blog post, long overdue
  • Start working on Final release announcement
  • Crafting stuff for EC2 feature profile

Hmmm, that looks like a long list. Luckily, I plan on roping the rest of the gang into helping me in some sort of live session where we can talk with other good folks who want to help on IRC, so stay tuned for when I figure out when a good time for that might be 🙂

More soon. Need sleep! Denny’s makes Robyn fullllllll.

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