Coming to FUDCon:Tempe? Requesting a subsidy?

As most of you have heard, the upcoming North American FUDCon will be held in Tempe, Arizona, in January of 2011. While we’re still ironing out some contract stuff with our hotel, the conference facilities are locked up, and people are already booking their flights to visit sunny Arizona January 29 – 31.

If you haven’t checked out the FUDCon:Tempe details yet, I encourage you to do so.  Better yet, whether you’re local or planning on traveling from afar, you should register as soon as possible – which is as simple as going to the FUDCon:Tempe page and adding your name and information to the pre-registration table.

If you’re planning on requesting a subsidy, or think you might need assistance in getting to FUDCon, it’s extra-important to get added to the pre-registration list as soon as possible.  Additionally, you’ll need to follow your pre-registration up by filing a ticket in the FUDCon Planning Trac instance.  More information about how to fill out the ticket, and what information needs to go in the ticket, can be seen here. We will be starting on the allocation of subsidies VERY SOON, so the sooner you get your request in, the better.

As your gracious local-ish hostess for FUDCon Tempe, I know that lots of you have questions about what there is to see and do while you’re not absorbing loads of information and sharing your knowledge at FUDCon. Feel free to hit me up with your questions!

Outside of the Brickyard on Mill.

If you’re interested in reading more about FUDCons, how they are planned, or how decisions are made, I’ve added a few links below that explain some of that information.  Additionally, we have a mailing list that anyone can join, as well as a weekly planning meeting.

One thought on “Coming to FUDCon:Tempe? Requesting a subsidy?

  1. Hi,

    A list of local tourist attractions would be cool. Also a local’s knowledge of where the best pubs and places to see live music are, that sort of thing, would be awesome.



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