Picking the Release Slogan for Fedora 14….

For each release of Fedora, the community is asked to participate in proposing and selecting a release slogan.  (IMO – this really is one of the most fun marketing activities that there is each release!) In the past, we’ve had some great slogans (F13 was “Rock it!” — F12 was “Unite” — F11 was “Reign”) – and we want this tradition to continue.

The time has come for selecting the release slogan for Fedora 14. The Marketing team loves seeing a full list of suggestions – so bring ’em on!

A couple of tips on what constitutes a great slogan:

  • Short. 1 – 3 words.
  • A call to action. (Use strong verbs!)
  • Be positive!

Ideally, the slogan should also fit in with the theme and / or release name (F14 is Laughlin).  You can check out the artwork theme here. Of note on this wiki page is the detail about how the name Laughlin ties into the artwork – this is always good inspiration for picking release slogans:

The Fedora 14 codename is Laughlin. Robert Laughlin, a 1998 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, argues for emergence which is a concept that says “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” The winning Fedora 14 default wallpaper concept is Kyle Baker’s concept, which is meant to depict many lines coming together to form a solid whole.

The Marketing team will be paring down the list of slogans tomorrow, August 17, and a winner will be chosen soon thereafter. Have an idea? Read the Release Slogan SOP, and add your suggestion to the F14 Release Slogan wiki page.

Happy slogan-fashioning!

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