Talking about Fedora in awesome places.

Events, cons, fests… whatever you want to call them, they’re everywhere, and as we all know, summertime is a great time to have one. (Unless it’s in Phoenix, which is a much more awesome place in the wintertime, and I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about, and YES, for the love of god, there WILL BE DEFINITIVE NEWS on that front very, very soon. Trust me, you will hear it, loud and clear.)

In mid-June, I had the pleasure of attending SouthEast LinuxFest, and getting to hang out with friends like spevack, stickster, sparks, ianweller, ke4qqq, VileGent, threethirty, jzbbethlynn (WOOT FOR GRATUITOUS LINKING), not to mention all my new buddies I picked up.   What was really awesome was the HUGE Fedora presence we had – Max giving a great evening keynote speech, and stickster, ianweller, Dan Walsh, Michael DeHaan, and, yes, my sig0, all presenting – not to mention a great afternoon of hacking on the Docs join wiki, and a lovely FAD on Sunday where we got the opportunity to talk to a number of new contributors, talk about Truths and Myths in Fedora (stickster, where is the napkin o’notes?), and submit some buggy little bugs with the help of newfound friends.  I’d also like to mention that ke4qqq (despite being uncapture-able on film) and his crew put on a hell of a show and I’m not just saying that to kiss up for drink tickets for next year’s event.

It’s always great to hear what people are doing in Fedora; whether it’s Ian talking about Datanommer, or seeing Max talk not just about Fedora but even more about community in general, seeing and hearing people speak passionately and in-depth about what they are doing is not only informational, but also inspiring.  I, for one, would love to see more Fedora friends talking about their projects, views, groups, whatever floats their boat, at these types of events.


Ohio LinuxFest is coming up, September 10 – 12, in Columbus, Ohio.  One of the biggest of its kind.  And you should go. But more importantly: YOU SHOULD CONSIDER SPEAKING.  The Call for Presenters ends, inconveniently timed for my overdue blogpost, on July 7. (That’s right, kids, TOMORROW.)  Stormy Peters and Christopher “Monty” Montgomery will be keynoting, and it’s sure to be an excellent time; additionally, it’s an audience that is very welcoming of first-time speakers, so for those of you who want to get your feet wet, this could be the place to do it.  (Also: Yours Truly is submitting a proposal, so, um, should I be accepted, I expect moral support as I haven’t actually spoken in public since, oh, 2001.  But I’m realllllly entertaining. And informative! Promise.)  I’m hoping to see a plethora (I love that word) of Fedora friends talking about Really Cool Stuff, so please, submit your Fedora, non-Fedora, project, hobby, whatever! for submission.  By Tomorrow Night.  Did I mention that 1300 people turned out last year? It’s just that good.

Next up: Utah Open Source Conference, aka, UTOSC. Motto: “It’s better when it’s free*.” (I encourage everyone looking for a good laugh who also has a good sense of humor to visit the website to find out what the * refers to.)  Their Call for Papers (even though I’m pretty sure you don’t have to WRITE a paper, although, I could be wrong here) ends on July 15. In addition to being in the superior, 4-corners area of the US, this event is guaranteed to be awesome because Clint Savage, one of our trusty shipping clerks excellent regional Ambassador mentors, is part of setting this up.

I’d also like to take a moment to give a shout out to the Ottawa Linux Symposium, which REALLY DOES have papers. (Yours Truly is reportedly an editor of said papers, and will be doing this ALL WEEK LONG.)  While the CFP is long since past, the event is imminent, running July 13-16.  If you’re in the Northeast corner of the US, this is a great event to drive to (not free, though, so bring your wallet, or Register Now!) – I recommend checking out the list of presenters to see what piques your interest.

Feeling more southernly? And I mean Really South – as in south of the equator? FUDCon LATAM is coming up in Santiago, Chile, July 15-17.  Get your quarterly dose of International Fedora Goodness.  Also, rumor has it that a certain new FPL is making his first appearance at this event, making it more awesome, if that is possible.

And really: These are great opportunities for YOU, yes, YOU to go out and speak about something you are truly passionate about. If speaking isn’t your gig –  these are still great events to meet some fellow Friends, learn some new things, and show the world what a great community we have in Fedora.  Not to mention meeting new friends, and getting them to want to be part of the Fedora community too.

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