Marketing Interviews: What stories do you want to hear?

Fedora Marketing would love to hear about the things that YOU – dearly beloved members of the Fedora community – would like to read or hear more about.

Every cycle, we produce a series of feature profiles.  We’d like to expand that to a more ongoing cycle of content – and not necessarily limited to specific features for a release and their respective community members.

Interviews can be with:

  • Members of teams like Infrastructure, Design, Ambassadors, etc. to hear more about their ongoing projects.
  • Find out more about a community member – what are some interesting ways in which people are using Fedora?
  • Spins and SIGs – what are these groups doing?
  • And… yes, we still want to cover feature list items!

Basically, the sky is the limit – but we’d love to hear your ideas. (Heck, you’re even welcome to DO an interview!) Please pop over to our Marketing Interviews wiki page and add your ideas to the ideas list – or leave a comment in this blog post.

One thought on “Marketing Interviews: What stories do you want to hear?

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