Looking at the open strategies of other communities…

Someone (forgive me, I forget who… sorry!) linked this to me on IRC the other day and I thought it was very cool and interesting – and thought I’d share some of the bits with others.  (UPDATE: Discovery! It was smooge. you rock!)

openSUSE has their strategy, SWOT, and industry assessments posted online, openly and transparently (kudos to them!). I think they have done an awesome job thus far.

They also have a link to the survey they did in February 2010 (8700 participants!) – generally surveying who their users are, what they are using openSUSE for, what types of development they do, etc.

There is also a link to this page: http://www.90-9-1.com/ – which I thought was very interesting, particularly in light of the user base
discussions and diagrams that we’ve all seen. Essentially 90-9-1 dives into (no, no, PLOWS into) these three points:

  • 90% of users are the “audience”, or lurkers. The people tend to read or observe, but don’t actively contribute.
  • 9% of users are “editors”, sometimes modifying content or adding to an existing thread, but rarely create content from scratch.
  • 1% of users are “creators”, driving large amounts of the social group’s activity. More often than not, these people are driving a vast percentage of the site’s new content, threads, and activity.

(Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the User Base information, I encourage you to do so. I was also looking for the page that has the user base triangle diagram – does anyone know where that is?)

Additionally – Wikimedia has some REALLY awesome documentation and information available about their current strategy process.

What I love about what they’re doing is that they’re hitting three key points:

  • Where we are now
  • Where we should go
  • How we should get there

And not just in a short term view – they’re looking at the development of the 5 year plan, and figuring out what the waypoints are to get
them from the place they are currently at.  And similar to openSUSE – they’re also doing this in a community fashion.

I’d like to add that Wikimedia strategy was part of the opensource.com “Open Your World” Forum that was done online a few days ago.  I really encourage everyone to read this blog post – http://opensource.com/life/10/5/spreading-dandelions-open-your-world-recap – and watch the linked session recordings.  The Wikimedia one in particular was presented by Eugene Eric Kim of Blue Oxen associates – and you can also download the slide set if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing (at the bottom of the page where the video presentation loads up – click on “presentation PDF.”)

I think it’s great to see other communities tackling the same kinds of things we are – does anyone  know of any other communities doing similar things in terms of strategic thinking?

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