Have you seen this rare specimen? He was last seen in Ames, Iowa, at FAD NA 2010.   Subject was reportedly headed to Raleigh, NC, where he was to perched atop the head of one “Max Spevack,” during an employee orientation.  Spevack was reported to have received one american dollar in exchange for taking the bird upon his head to orientation.

Have you seen this bird?

If you have photographic evidence of this specimen in action at orientation, please contact the owner of this blog for your reward, ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR.

It should be noted that the bird may have other vices, including a love for cake (as seen below), and may also enjoy visiting lumberyards.

Cake closeup

3 thoughts on “Reward: ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR

    • One american dollar. If you can get him to wear it in a meeting with his boss, I could bump that up to two, that’s right, TWO american dollars. 🙂

    • While CyMax was the perfect beginning to Cy’s Red Hat adventure let’s up the ante now. The largest bounty goes for one picture of Cy perched atop the head of … the Chairman of the Board and is worth one bag of Fedora poker chips (priceless).

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