I couldn’t have said it better.

Via my crazy network of friends – John Sullivan’s article, “Pot, meet kettle: a response to Steve Jobs’ letter on Flash.” John works for the FSF and is also one of my fellow kewlkidz (I totally just broke the first rule), and his thoughts can be seen here. (Incidentally, if you haven’t read Steve Jobs’ original post, you can do so here.)

My favorite snippet:

A free Web needs free software. You cannot have a free Web if your access to the software you use to engage the Web is limited to an arbitrary number of computers, or if you are not allowed to conduct business on the Web using the software, or if you are forbidden from asking someone to develop additional features you need.

Jobs has hit the nail on the head when describing the problems with Adobe, but not until after smashing his own thumb. Every criticism he makes of Adobe’s proprietary approach applies equally to Apple, and every benefit attributed to the App Store can be had without it being a mandatory proprietary arrangement. Apple can offer quality control and editorial selection over available free software, and encourage users to exclusively—but voluntarily—use their store. Instead, Apple chooses to enforce legal restrictions, the transgression of which is punishable by criminal law, on users who want to make changes to their own computers, like installing free, non-Apple, software.

Fortunately, the way out of the Adobe vs. Apple cage match is straightforward, and exists already: free software operating systems like GNU/Linux with free software Web browsers, supporting free media formats like Ogg Theora. To make things even better, we can continue urging Google to release their new media format, VP8, under a free license as well.

Kudos to John. Nice work.  I really, and truly could not have said it better myself – this was, as always, totally eloquent.

One thought on “I couldn’t have said it better.

  1. There is nothing that comes close to the Iphone, Ipodtouch or the Ipad that runs linux.

    I run Ubuntu on my netbook. But I can do things with an Ipad I would never do on my netbook. I’d buy books and read on it. I’d listen to my music on it. I’d watch movies from Netflix on it. I’d play games on it.

    Google you have got to be kidding me. All their privacy issues. They have their nose in everything from search engines to operating system. I don’t want Google having that much control over my life. I just use them as a search engine.

    Ubuntu while I use that linux distribution is it really that different from how Job’s acts with what Mark is doing now?

    Fedora, well you all drove one of the Mono developers away so that now he is at Ubuntu. If Fedora was really that concerned why were F-Spot and Tomboy used before? (I don’t use mono apps in Ubuntu)

    Well, there goes a lot of that freedom that was talked about with just a few issues.

    The Gimp, Open Office,Audacity and Firefox were applications I was using in Windows. That is how I came to try various linux distributions.

    Now if Gimp, Open Office and some other apps were touch based like on an Ipad I would buy a tablet that ran a linux distribution.

    The fact is when I tried the Ipad at Best Buy I was impressed by it’s speed. The only thing I did not like was the ability to print.

    I don’t like the way Apple does things with the App store but really those things are not as different in my view as what I see Ubuntu, Fedora, Gnome and Google doing in other areas.

    Anyhow, on my Acer Aspire One D250 I have a top panel and Avant on the bottom. I kinda modeled my desktop on mac4lin. If Ubuntu had not changed its looks I would have went all the way with the mac4lin minus the icons. If I used Fedora I would have went all the way with mac4lin minus the icons. I’ve tested Gnome Shell and right now I can not stand it. I like my desktop the way it is but will add Global Menu that Mark mentioned when it supports Open Office and Firefox.

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