Your friendly neighborhood reminder: Fedora 14 naming process is open!

I was just checking out the start of a list of potential names for Fedora 14.  The call opening the process of the naming of Fedora 14 started just this past Tuesday.

We already have some… well… usual suspects for names.  I know you can’t possibly guess what I might be referring to.

But if you want to guess, I suppose I could provide you with some guesses – that culinary item that is brown, and delicious, and goes well with ANY meal, particularly with sandwiches, Sunday morning brunches….

That’s right!

(But in case you’re wondering – of course, of COURSE bacon is a candidate. And there are many other awesome candidates as well!)

Just to recap:

  • Naming suggestions will be taken on the wiki through April 27.
  • The list will go to the Fedora Board from April 27 – April 29.
  • After it’s been combed through, then it will through Legal Review from April 29 – May 3.
  • Community voting will be May 4 – 10.
  • Announcement of the new name will be May 11.
  • The name has to be linked to Goddard in some way.  The link between Constantine (F12) and Goddard (F13) was that they were both names of rocket scientists.  F14 can’t be a rocket scientist – and of course, things like, “Goddard is a name, and so is Robyn” aren’t usually great links either. All the nitty gritty details are on the wiki, so check it out!

One thought on “Your friendly neighborhood reminder: Fedora 14 naming process is open!

  1. But ‘Guinness’ has already been used! By Red Hat Linux 7, which could be considered Fedora Minus 5 or something.

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