Digesting things of a legal nature – you should too!

I was interested to see spot’s post to awesomemailinglists@fp.o on the new, improved, and slightly renamed Fedora Project Contributor Agreement, which will, from what i understand, be taking the place of the old Individual Contributor License Agreement.

You can read his email in this thread titled, Request for Comments: Fedora Project Contributor Agreement Draft (Replacement for Fedora Individual Contributor License Agreement).

Or – take a look at the Revised Fedora Project Contributor Agreement on the wiki.

I am not a lawyer, clearly, but I think this is something we should all be reading and giving feedback on if we find it necessary – or asking questions if we’re not understanding what is going on.

Me, I’ll have to wait to look at it until tonight, since reading it with children climbing on me proved to be…. fairly disastrous, at best. 🙂 I’m hoping that this can resolve some of the problems that I’ve seen just in my work doing editing of papers for Ottawa Linux Symposium in the past few years – people from other $reallybigcompanies saying, oh, i can’t upload my paper here for editing or to be built – i’m not allowed to sign the CLA without having 45 people within my company’s legal department review it.  Which sucked.

Anyway – thanks to all who were involved in putting this together.  And i hope everyone in the Fedora community takes time out to look at this Important Legal Stuff!

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