Marketing FAD Day 0. Pickups, Ponies, Pickles, and, um, Pwaffles.

Marketing FAD is almost here. Woot! We’ll be meeting in the lobby around 9ish to head out around 9:15 to get to the Red Hat office in Raleigh around 9:30.

Ryan Rix and I had a fairly uneventful trip on de plane, de plane from PHX to RDU.  Minus the awesome turbulence as we flew into the Raleigh area, which I do believe rivaled some of the more awesome landings I’ve had at the Denver airport.  We’re talking the kind where your laptop actually hovers, momentarily, in the air, as the plane drops 75 feet like a rock.

We met up with Ben, grabbed my luggage (because I did bring 45 pairs of shoes… that’s the rumor, anyway), and picked up Mel from her terminal.  Headed over to our hotel, where Mel and I checked in to our room.

We got in our hotel room… and there is a bag on the table. Mel checked it out and said… “That’s weird. Someone left fried pickles. They are sooooooooooo gooooooood, but… really, who knows where these pickles came from???”

We found out later that Stickster and Ben had left them for us as a present.  Mel promptly went back to the room and grabbed the Pickles. Pickles!!

Then it was off to the Waffle House for… well, I had a BLT with a side of bacon. Ryan, Mel, David, Henrik, and myself got ourselves a cute little booth and ordered away.  Hash browns are popular.  We had a pleasant discussion about if one could possibly invent a waffle syrup that was infused with Red Bull, or some other energy drink, or just… the energy part of that equation.  I probably just gave away a billion dollar idea; if you make money on this, be sure to ask me for my address, so you know where to send the check. 🙂  Lots of waffles, at that Waffle House. Yum.

I was going to work Ponies into this story somehow, but unfortunately, the trip between the hotel and Waffle House (distance: maybe 200 feet?) did not involve a pony ride. Will work on figuring out the pony aspect tomorrow. For now, I need to get to bed.

Raleigh is lovely, at least from what I can see in the dark; this weekend should be awesome. I’ll see y’all in the morning!

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