A Rockin’ New Slogan for Fedora 13

The countdown to liftoff for the Fedora 13 Alpha release is on. This means a flurry of fun marketing activities are going on, not the least of which is the selection of the F13 slogan.

Like everything else we do, the process for picking the the slogan is completely open, and anyone can join in with a proposal.  As some of you may already know, the release name for Fedora 13 is “Goddard,” named for Robert H. Goddard, one of the pioneers of modern rocketry. (If you’re interested in reading about how Fedora chooses a release name, you can check it out here.)

One of the great things about the “Goddard” name is that it opens Fedora up to a universe of awesome slogan and theme possibilities – space, rockets, science fiction, you name it. The call was put out to the Fedora community to propose slogan names, and the field of creative and amazing entries was narrowed down to one final slogan: “Rock It!”

The slogan, of course, says so much on its own; when you combine it with the pun on the word “rocket,” it gets even cooler.

Speaking of rockets… Fedora 13 Alpha launches very, very soon. (In fact, I believe it may have reached liftoff while I’ve been writing this entry.) Stay tuned!

10 thoughts on “A Rockin’ New Slogan for Fedora 13

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  3. I got a couple of other guys from the local community into a talk about translating it into our language, but so far we were unable to do that, got stuck on “what’s the origin? only the rock music or also something else? ‘shake it’ would be stupid…”

  4. Hmm. It’s one of those weird English-izations of things; it is sort of like the concept of rock-n-roll, or when people say “Rock on!” (as in to mean, carry on, awesomely).

    I mean, one idea, of course, would be to just translate the word Rocket – I would assume that translating Rocket still carries the meaning of taking off, going fast, etc? I mean Rocket as a verb, not a noun.

    It’s so hard to explain one’s own language 🙂

  5. Yeah, I know, language is more than words… I definitely don’t like the translation our Brazillian friends made: “Agite Isso” (“shake it”), I would prefer to stay with “rock it” than go this way… I am quite positive our audience will have a good understanding of untranslated “rock it”.

  6. I like the evolution of rocket to rock it…because both are pronounced the same if you say them fast enough. But extending “rock it” to a rock and roll music theme I think is missing the point. This release is named after Goddard, which is a space theme.

    • Forgive me because I’ve only been following the Goddard/theming of F13 from a distance until now so these could be all old comments that others have already discussed to death.

      I think there are so many cool and obvious space theme related slogans that entering into the rock and roll theme is so sad to miss out on a space theme. There seem like the are so many fun poossibilities!


      Launch off
      Blast off
      Countdown to liftoff
      10 seconds to…
      One small step for fedora, one giant leap for mankind
      etc etc

      • The slogan was selected, and now it is “rock it”, is definitive. And it was known from the beginning it will be not easy to translate, but we have this challenging exercise every 6 months, usually all the slogans are like that.

      • @nicu, sorry for the confusion. I don’t mind rock it because it’s pronounced the same as rocket. I was worried the “rock” metaphor would be extended into a rock and roll theme which contradicts Goddard.

    • Leif, I can guarantee that will happen, since for us, non-native English speakers that’s the most obvious conotation and we don’t have the play on words with “rocket” (speaking of play on words, in my language we say “rachetă” for “rocket”, which sounds identical with “racket”)

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