Talking Points for Fedora 13 – Come lend a hand!

Greetings all,

The call for participation on Fedora 13’s Talking Points is out, and the Marketing team is looking for your feedback and contributions.

If the email notice slipped by you, you can read about it the marketing mailing list archives.

Short version: Marketing has a Talking Points SOP where we’ve written up the process for how talking points are selected, discussed, narrowed down, and announced for each Fedora cycle. The proposed talking points for F13 are posted for comment and feedback here, and after the list is finalized they will be located at that same link.

So get out your wiki fingers, hop on to the Fedora 13 Talking Points page and make sure we’re not missing anything! We welcome your feedback.  We’ll be narrowing down the list to the final version at the marketing meeting on February 23rd.

Also: It’s the weekend. Woot!

2 thoughts on “Talking Points for Fedora 13 – Come lend a hand!

  1. Honestly, a couple of days ago I was looking at the Features Accepted page together with a friend of mine (he’s Ambassador) trying to figure what can we use when giving presentations about the release and our conclusion was there is not much to impress a “normal” audience (desktop users, not hardcore geeks). From my point of view, Color Calibration *could* be interesting but if fails due to requiring specialised hardware (even worse, special hardware which includes in its price a license fee for the *really evil* Pantone)

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