Robyn’s Morning Roundup!

It seems I have a lot to write about today – but I figured I’d start off the morning (errrr. it’s almost lunch time!) with a few things I wanted to highlight:

  • Linux Symposium! The Call for Papers/Participation is out. It will be back in Ottawa this year after being in Montreal last year.  This is an excellent event (both in terms of content quality and fun quality) and I hope to see lots of Fedora people there. (No, I won’t be presenting; I’ve helped out with editing the proceedings the past 2 years and will be tagging along with the BF if his paper is accepted, *fingers crossed*.)
  • Data DUH of the week: A new research report from IDC. As a former research analyst, I still keep up on this stuff.  They have a new report out, “The State of Social Business…” – and the press release has this amazing title: “Social Business Goes Mainstream in the Enterprise, Forcing Cultural and Process Shifts from the Inside Out, IDC Research Finds.”  This, apparently, is in case you are from the planet JUPITER and just arrived on Earth.
  • Notable: I feel like there was something else I wanted to call out, but my brain isn’t exactly on the ball this morning (something about slipping on a sheet of ice in my driveway, while holding a 6-pack of pepsi, and being in paaaaaaaain.)  On the plus side: it’s still technically morning, so it’s entirely possible my brain will be back in working order soon.

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